WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz has all the shots in the book

Carlos Alcaraz plays a shot Credit: Alamy
Carlos Alcaraz plays a shot Credit: Alamy

Carlos Alcaraz could be the best all around player in the world right now and he certainly has a great array of shots.

ATP Tour Media have put together a stunning compilation of some of the best shots and rallies produced by all-action Alcaraz.

Alcaraz has a very well-rounded game and hasn’t really had to work on adding shots to his repertoire.

He says that the big difference has been in him maturing and learning how to take on the best in the world.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the smile always comes out when a cracking shot has blazed across the court.

“I feel that I’m more mature on court. I feel that I’m a better player than I was a year ago,” Alcaraz said in his pre-tournament press conference. “I got my first Grand Slam last year, but I feel like I’m more mature and I’m better.”

Check out the incredible array of shots at the disposal of Carlos Alcaraz in the video below.

Alcaraz is chasing a third Grand Slam title as he seeks to defend the US Open in New York over the next fortnight.

“I try to do exactly the same thing that I did last year, trying to practise the same way that I’m going to play, and focus on that. I’m not focus on the defending champion, the points, whatever,” Alcaraz said.

“I’m just focused on showing my best level, trying to improve in every practice, and let’s see how it is going to be in the tournament.”

Alcaraz has lauded the grounding presence of coach Juan Carlos Ferrero.

“Well, obviously for me it’s always great to have Juan Carlos with me,” Alcaraz said.

“I understand that he cannot travel the full year. Even that he’s traveling 90% of the tournaments, but sometimes he has to take care about his family, as well.

“I have a really good coach when he’s not there, that is Toni. He was Juan Carlos’ coach when he was player. He become No. 1 of the world. He’s really nice coach, as well.

“I don’t feel any difference if Juan Carlos is there or not. I know that I surrounded by great professional and great, great coaches when he’s not there, as well.”

When it comes from what he can learn from his great rival Novak Djokovic, Alcaraz believes tenacity is the Serbian’s greatest quality.

“Well, obviously he’s one of the greatest of all time from our sport,” Alcaraz said of Djokovic.

“No doubts about it. Everything he does in the game is unbelievable.

“Probably his mental rock. I going to say he never give up. I mean, tough, tough moment, probably he shows that he’s down and he’s going to lose, and he’s always give the chance to himself to keep playing and be able to win.

“That’s the most important thing that he has, and I try to take in my own game. Like in the final that we played, it was exactly the same I’m talking about. That’s something that I learn and I’ll try to do in my own game.

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