Watch: Driver ‘armed with nunchucks’ fends off gang of armed attackers after getting stuck in traffic

This is the shocking moment a driver fends off a gang of armed attackers after being ambushed in stationary traffic in north London.

The driver sped away from his assailants but slammed into another car and street furniture on the busy junction next to Manor House station at 9pm on Thursday.

In footage taken from a nearby balcony, a group of men target the vehicle and slam weapons off the windscreen and roof.

The driver fights back (Supplied)
The driver fights back (Supplied)

The driver, in a white t-shirt, attempts to drive away but slams into oncoming traffic and gets stuck.

Forced out of the wrecked vehicle he single-handedly takes on the much larger group.

He even goes back to his vehicle and pulls out a set of nunchucks to fend off one of the attackers, according to one witness.

At one point the group stop fighting long enough for an ambulance to pass by on Seven Sisters Road before resuming the street battle and throwing bottles.

Police arrived at the scene 15 minutes after the fight with the group having already fled the scene.


No arrests have been made.

A Met spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a report of an altercation on Green Lanes, Hackney.

“Officers attended and found a damaged vehicle abandoned on the road.

“It was reported that the car had been stationary in traffic when a number of men approached armed with weapons. The driver attempted to travel through the traffic, colliding with a number of other cars and street furniture.

“An altercation is reported to have occurred between the driver and the group of men before they left the scene in opposite directions.

“None of those believed to be involved were in the area when officers arrived.”