Watch live: King Charles and Queen Camilla visit World Cup Rugby village to talk to young sports fans

Watch live as King Charles and Queen Camilla meet young people at the World Cup Rugby village as they continue their French visit.

Charles and Camilla will meet youngsters from the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis to talk about sports at the Rugby Village as France hosts the Rugby World Cup.

Earlier today, the King was greeted with a round of applause during his speech at the French senate, as he quipped “may the best win” between the French and English, Welsh and Scottish national teams competing in the Rugby World Cup

He said in English: “Millions of us visit each other’s countries every year – a joy that we are now rediscovering after the disruption wrought by the pandemic.

“Tens of thousands of British rugby fans are currently following their national team around France, enjoying the fantastic spectacle of the Rugby World Cup – my son and daughter-in-law among them.

“Even when our national teams are drawn up on opposite ends of the pitch, they do so with mutual admiration and a shared commitment to the rules of the game – on which I will say only ‘pas de coups bas, et que le meilleur gagne!”