WATCH: New Zealand referee’s guide on how to deal with a mouthy scrum-half

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 Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Ever wanted to know the perfect way to stop a scrum-half from chuntering? Well, this referee in New Zealand has done just that.

We all know that half-backs can’t stay quiet for a second, and this match official got so irked that he had a few choice words for the number nine.

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Firstly, he summoned the captain before bringing over the scrum-half and giving him a dressing down.

“You, come here,” he started with, and continued by saying: “Shut up and come here. One more word out of you and I’m just going to send you to the bin.

“Because do you know what you could be? A good ref with the knowledge you reckon you’ve got. Get back there, shut up and carry on.”

It did its job as the half-back’s body language looked rather sheepish while he was getting a talking to, making the commentator laugh in the process.

“Geez, he’s been told to shut up on TV,” chuckled the match caller as the referee began, before uttering, “beautiful” when the officials had finished his speech.

Famous refereeing dressing downs

Seeing players get their comeuppance when they’ve spoken out of turn is arguably one of the joys of rugby.

The most famous examples come from the great former referee Nigel Owens, who ranged from speaking to all 30 players…

…to a simple one word response – ‘Christopher – when being challenged by England captain Chris Robshaw.

Owens also wasn’t averse to telling off the ballboys either! After a young lad threw the ball back onto the field and accidentally hit the official, the Welshman had a funny response.

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