Watched The Platform? Try these other Netflix movies and series next

Kimberley Bond
Evening Standard

With the whole country being asked to stay inside, it’s not surprising that people have been flocking to Netflix to keep them occupied.

But while some people have been trying to distract themselves from the coronavirus pandemic, others have chosen to lean into the constant sense of dread, with films such as The Platform being one of the most watched items on the streaming service.

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The 2019 Spanish-language film is set in a unique prison called The Hole, which sees cells stacked vertically on each other.

At mealtimes, food is sent down to prisoners on a platform, which is lowered down through the cells. Prisoners at the top of The Hole get to each first, while prisoners further down in this literal food chain are left with the scraps.

The film, which is a metaphor for capitalism, greed and hope, has been eerily prescient in more recent times.

If you found yourself fascinated by The Platform’s gloomy hopes and themes, here's what you should watch next...



The 2013 thriller, by the Oscar-winning Parasite director Bong Joon-ho, shares similar dystopian themes surrounding class divides. The film, with an all-star cast, is set after an attempt to stop global warming via climate engineering catastrophically backfires – and results in Earth plunging into another ice age.

The remaining members of humanity are now trapped on The Snowpiercer – a train that circumnavigates the globe. However, 20 years after the ice age first began, the train becomes increasingly divided between the wealthy elite at the front, and the poor in the squalid carriages surrounded by armed guards. When a revolt breaks out, it leads to disastrous consequences


The 2015 American psychological horror film sees 50 strangers suddenly awake in a darkened room – with someone out of the group being killed every two minutes or whenever someone attempts to leave.

After several deaths, the group soon realise that they can select who can die – which results in divisions emerging based on personal values and beliefs. Much like The Platform, Circle dips its toes into similarly tricky themes, such as class divides.

Ex Machina

The 2014 sci-fi thriller follows Caleb (played by Domhall Gleeson) after he wins the chance to spend a week at the luxury estate owned by the CEO of his tech company.

However, it transpires that Caleb is there to test the human capabilities of his robot Ava (Alicia Vikander). Similarly to The Platform, Ex Machina explores beliefs, morality and the ability to break free from established systems.

Bird Box

Sandra Bullock stars in the dystopian Netflix horror which sees a mother try and protect her children from an evil, corrupting force that drives people to suicide should they look at it. In order to try and find sanctuary, they must complete a trip down the river – blindfolded. Similarly to The Platform, Bird Box is thought to also be a wider metaphor for depression and other mental illness in society.

Black Mirror

Those who have yet to take a glimpse inside the warped mind of Charlie Brooker are in for a (dark) treat. The dystopian anthology series explores a new story in each episode, with The Entire History of You, Be Right Back and Metalhead being stand outs in the series. While the overall series outlook is grim, Black Mirror bare similarities to The Platform with episodes such as San Junipero and Hang the DJ, with offer a more hopeful outlook.

The OA

The psychologically twisted series centres around Prarie Johnson, who returns after having gone missing several years earlier. Now able to see after previously being blind, and with deep scars all along her back, Prarie says she should now be known as The OA, short for Original Angel). Mind-bending and metaphorical, fans of the series were left gutted after the series was cancelled, seeing the hashtag #SaveTheOA trending on Twitter.

The Rain

Another survival horror, The Rain is eerily prescient to modern times as it follows a group of children who are abandoned after a brutal virus wipes out the majority of the Scandinavian population. The virus is meant to be carried in the rainwater – which sees the young survivors desperately trying to avoid getting caught in a downpour. The young cast echoes similarities to The Platform’s child, who was meant to symbolise hope.

Money Heist

If The Platform got you hooked onto Spanish language thrillers, TV series Money Heist may appeal. The story follows eight thieves, each with different abilities, attempt to rob from the Royal Mint of Spain as they take hostages and lock themselves inside the heavily guarded building. With series 4 coming next week, there’s plenty for viewers to binge on during self-isolatio.


The dystopian German TV series will leave you puzzling what each clue means as you are invited to learn about a child’s disappearance and its grisly aftermath, which exposes hidden connections and a secret conspiracy between four previously estranged families.

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