"I have been watching City for 72 years and have never known behaviour as bad"

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York City - Fans stormed the pitch and broke a number of chairs on the night of York City's play-off match against Chorley
York City - Fans stormed the pitch and broke a number of chairs on the night of York City's play-off match against Chorley

"Never known 'fans' behaviour this bad"

THE main story of The Press on Thursday May 19 refers to "fans" who damaged seats, threw flares and invaded the pitch when City played Chorley.

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They are not fans, they are hooligans who give the club a bad name and have led to a restriction on spectators for the play-off final against Boston depriving many true supporters of the chance to support their team at the biggest game this season.

I have been watching City for 72 years at Bootham Crescent and many away matches and have never known behaviour as bad as this.

To the left of my old position in The David Longhurst Stand at Bootham Crescent we always has a crowd of boisterous youngsters that gave loud vocal support for the players but never misbehaved.

The type of behaviour at the Chorley game makes me glad that after all these years I have not renewed my season ticket and am able to listen and enjoy the game from the comfort of my armchair without being worried for my safety, but this seems to be a sign of the times unfortunately.

AP Cox,

Heath Close,




No to a windfall tax

THE crowds seem to be baying for a windfall tax on energy companies, especially the big oil companies.

But what about that other oil: cooking oil? Rape seed oil is about double the price it was last year so should farmers pay a windfall tax? Of course not and neither should energy companies.

Peter Mills,



"Appalling" to lose interior

I WAS sad to see that Fat Hippo have applied, and will no doubt get their way knowing this Council, to take down the internal walls of this very old building to open it up.

I'm sorry but if it was OK for previous restraints to operate then it should be OK as a burger bar.

They may not want to destroy the outside but to lose the internal history is appalling to me.

Dave Matthewman,

Green Lane,




New care centre is welcome

GREAT news about Nimbuscare opening a new Community Care Centre in Acomb and providing extra health care facilities at Askham Bar (The Press, May 20). It looks like patients will be seen face-to-face rather than the increasing use of telephone triage diagnoses.

Waiting times back to a maximum 18 weeks any time soon?

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,



Clarity call on pension charges

THE cost-of-living crisis is impacting people living in York and across the UK and has prompted many to pay careful attention to how much they pay for utilities and services.

So, it’s interesting that fewer than half the adult UK population (48%) ‘care’ about the charges they pay on their pensions. This is compared to 7 in 10 who pay close attention to how much their mortgage or current bank account costs them.

Many people don’t realise that, over a lifetime, overpaying on pension charges can potentially cost a saver thousands of pounds from their pension pot.

We believe that all pension providers should show their charges in pounds and pence on an individual’s annual pension statement. We think this would improve transparency around pension charges for millions of retirement savers around the country.

Phil Brown,

Director of Policy and External Affairs,

B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension,

Manor Royal,

Crawley, West Sussex


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