Waterloo Road's Angela Griffin wants husband to return as "naughty Vinnie"

angela griffin as kim campbell in waterloo road
Waterloo Road star wants husband return to showWall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/Helen Williams - BBC

Waterloo Road actress Angela Griffin has called for her husband, actor Jason Milligan, to return to the BBC One soap as loan shark Vinnie McCullen.

Across the first two series of the revived school drama, Vinnie was involved in a knife crime plot involving troubled teen Danny Lewis and later coerced dinner lady Nicky Walters into stealing the school's computers to pay him off.

Griffin, who plays headteacher Kim Campbell, and Milligan spoke exclusively to Digital Spy at BBC Radio 2 in the Park, where we asked Griffin what other characters from the classic episodes she'd like to come back.

waterloo road series 12 jason milligan as vinnie

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Although she said she loves Eva Pope, who played former head Rachel Mason, Griffin said her ideal choices were between Denise Welch's French teacher Steph Haydock and the legendarily grumpy Grantly Budgen (who's dead).

"What about naughty Vinnie?!" Milligan added.

"Of course, me husband's in it!" Griffin said, adding: "[Steph, Grantly] or Vinnie, naughty Vinnie, who is the cause of Danny's demise."

Griffin previously explained that she only got about "four minutes" of screen time with her husband, stating on The One Show: "He's an actor independently of me and then he got this job and I was like, 'Brilliant! We get to work with each other, we can go to Manchester together and have like a lovely time!' But he was never in on the same days as me."

Sadly, though, it doesn't look like Vinnie will be returning any time soon. Series 13 is due early next year, with series 14 and 15 confirmed by the BBC. Griffin explained that multiple series are filmed one after another in a big chunk, so she wouldn't be calling for Vinnie's return if it was already in the pipeline... would she?

angela griffin as kim in waterloo road series 13

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Elsewhere in our interview, Griffin spoke about how she'd like to follow up her Sunday night Radio 2 Unwinds show by hosting a requests show where people dedicate a song to a friend or a stranger who has helped them out in some way — but she hasn't pitched it to the station's bosses just yet.

She also revealed that there was talk about bringing back the documentary series Emergency with Angela Griffin on Sky, but it didn't happen.

"We nearly did [bring it back], but then, the reason they got me there in the first place is you want that first impression, and then after I've done two series of it, I'd started to wise up to it," she explained.

Waterloo Road returns to BBC One and iPlayer next year. Unwinds airs on Radio 2 and BBC Sounds on Sunday nights, while BBC Radio 2 in the Park sets are available on iPlayer and Sounds.

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