Wawa Is Coming to a New State for the First Time

The popular convenience chain is expanding rapidly.

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

Every region claims its own chains, be they restaurants or convenience stores. The Midwest has Casey's General Store, the West Coast has In-N-Out, the South has Buc-ee's, and you're bound to stumble upon plenty of Wawas throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

We hear about these places, but if you're not passing through the area, you may never have the chance to try them. This is, of course, why we get so excited whenever a chain announces an expansion.

Wawa Opens Its First Location in Alabama

Wawa recently announced its plan to open its first store in Alabama. The store is located in Fairhope, Alabama, and the opening is slated for April 25. According to Robert Yeatts, Wawa's senior director of store operations, "We can't wait to open our doors to our new Alabama friends and neighbors and are excited for the chance to offer our new customers our unique brand of fresh food, beverages, and convenience."

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SOPA Images/Getty Images

The convenience chain isn’t only opening one store in Alabama. Two more are slated to open in the state later this summer—one in Mobile and one in Robertsdale. Yeatts said, “As each location opens, we will further solidify our commitment to providing the community with not only a new level of convenience but a strong, committed community partner.” Wawa plans to open even more stores in the area in the next three to four years.

Alabama isn’t the only state getting to try Wawa’s hoagies for the first time. Wawa recently began constructing its first two Georgia stores and announced expansions into Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina. With its focus on growth and expansion, it may not be long before Wawa becomes available in your state. 

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