The Way Home Just Got An Early Season 3 Renewal After Chyler Leigh Called Herself ‘Blessed’ To Be Able To Make The Show

 Chyler Leigh in scene from The Way Home Season 2.
Chyler Leigh in scene from The Way Home Season 2.

Prepare to travel back to the 19th and 20th centuries some more, because Hallmark revealed this morning it has renewed its popular time travel series The Way Home. The show is currently airing its second season on the cabler, and the news is breaking just days after series lead Chyler Leigh (who popped over to the network after roles in Grey’s Anatomy and Supergirl) spoke about the “blessing” of being able to film the series has been.

The actress took to her Instagram a few days ago to share a pic from her 1800s nightgown costume on set. (That’s a long story that involves getting shot.)  Meanwhile, she teased “can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming.” When I saw the post, I initially thought she meant in the last couple of episodes of Season 2, but now I’m thinking perhaps she saw the renewal coming in the tea leaves as well. Take a look.

The Way Home has been jam-packed with mystery reveals and twists in Season 2 – including my favorite current plot of Nick sort of catching on about what’s been going on with the time travel – and it certainly seems to be setting up a lot of storylines that could continue into a third season. With that in mind, I suppose it’s not a huge surprise Hallmark gave this original series an early renewal, but it’s still nice because it gives me peace of mind, especially with all the 2024 cancellations that have already come down the pipeline.

The Way Home has seemingly had big crossover appeal, even from demographics who don’t seem to be the norm for upcoming Hallmark movies and TV shows. It's a very different sort of show for Hallmark, and I'm glad it's getting the chance to really shine. This weekend, the show will air its penultimate episode, followed by the Season 2 finale on March 31, so if you aren’t currently caught up, it’s a good week to do so before Sunday’s episode hits the TV schedule.

Season 1 of The Way Home ended on a cliffhanger, and the announcement from Hallmark definitely teases the same sort of plotline at the end of Season 2, with the Kelly Garrett at the network straight up noting.

We’re grateful to the fans who are so passionate about the series and can’t wait for them to see what – and when – is ahead for season 3. Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed continue to blow us away with the cleverly crafted story they’ve created and careful thought they put into every single detail. While some questions will be answered by the end of this season the Landrys’ journey is far from over and there’s much more to tell.

So, there you have it. We’ll have to wait a while before new episodes come in 2025, and if you were expecting all of your questions to be answered at the end of this season, tough luck. On the bright side, yay for early renewals! Honestly, it’s such a relief.