Wedding guest slams bride and groom over their ‘tacky’ reception plan: ‘They don’t want to pay to feed people’

A wedding guest can’t believe the bride and groom aren’t providing food for everyone.

They went on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum for help. The bride and groom are only allowing a select group of people to eat at the wedding. Half of the guests will have to leave for two hours after the ceremony, then return for the first dance at the reception.

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“The wedding is in a month, IDK why they are getting married (guessing to simply to live with each other) and the groom has almost kicked his mother out of having any planning input because of the arguments it has caused,” the Reddit poster said.

Despite the ongoing family drama, that isn’t even close to the real issue with the ceremony.

“They don’t want to pay to feed people,” the poster explained. “There will be a gap in the wedding after the ceremony but held before the reception/ cake cutting. At this time only people flying in for the wedding/his/her immediate family/ and the couple will be served a full dinner.”

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Meanwhile, the rest of the guests must leave and find their own dinner. If they return, they can participate in a potluck of desserts.

Redditors felt only one word described the wedding: “tacky.”

“The bride and groom in the post are being cheap and tacky, I don’t think gaps are necessarily that bad, especially if the wedding is an all-day affair,” a user commented.

“Feeding only half your guests is tacky, and an indication that you can’t afford the wedding you have planned,” another said.

” I’m genuinely shocked people would throw any kind of a party and not serve any food. Tacky!” someone wrote.

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