Wedding guests send ‘alarming’ messages to bride leading up to big day: ‘They are out of their minds’

Wedding guests say they can’t attend the ceremony because the bride forgot to remind them.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She and her husband planned to get married the next Friday. But family and friends started to pull out just before the wedding.

“I have been receiving alarming messages from family and friends that I have forgotten to remind them the wedding is coming up,” she explained.

The guests are refusing to come because she didn’t send out a reminder. They were invited two months ago. She even changed the ceremony time to accommodate their schedules.

“Some people are just now looking at the invitation and are now telling me I should push my wedding day back to better convenience them,” she said.

Others have called her names because she didn’t send them a reminder.

“Just ignore them. They are out of their minds,” one Redditor suggested.

“It’s up to them to put reminders in their phones, take the time off they need, etc. You’re not their mommy,” another commented.

“It sounds like your guests don’t want to put forth the effort to attend a Friday evening wedding and are trying to find a way to tell you they won’t be coming,” a user said.

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