Welcome back to the real West Ham with panicked January striker signing of Danny Ings

Danny Ings has joined West Ham Credit: Alamy
Danny Ings has joined West Ham Credit: Alamy

Those with short memories have totally forgotten that what West Ham are experiencing right now is actually perfectly normal.

This current shower of sh*te is West Ham returning to its warm pair of comfy slippers. If slippers could bite your toes off and make you depressed.

Europa League adventures, top ten finishes, challenging for a Champions League place and even winning more than three games on the bounce is in all honesty not the West Ham Way most of us grew up with.

West Ham fans have been lured into some kind of dream world for the past couple of seasons, where everything appeared to click, and everyone was sort of happy. Although West Ham still can’t find someone who scores more than 20 goals a season.

Those of us who saw Ray Atteveld in a West Ham shirt (look him up, bandwagon jumpers) knew the club has been treading an unusual path in the last couple of seasons. Some would call these halcyon days.

But just as Bubbles shows ‘then like my dreams, they fade and die’, West Ham have certainly coming crashing down to earth.

It’s literally right there in West Ham’s song, so why are we surprised?

West Ham fans storming the pitch to protest against the board was only in March 2018, although that seems like a lifetime ago given the club’s recent successes. Where is that flag-wielding man now?

West Ham fan with a flag in March 2018 Credit: Alamy
West Ham fan with a flag in March 2018 Credit: Alamy

West Ham frantically signing a striker in January is what the club have always done when someone presses the panic button.

Buying Danny Ings will probably be cheaper than sacking David Moyes and all his staff. He might just find a goal or two that keeps Moyes in a job and helps the club to the lofty heights of 17th in the Premier League.

Back in 2020, Jarrod Bowen was the last-minute January transfer window purchase that, along with Tomas Soucek, sparked the club to pull away from the bottom of the table.

Jordan Hugill, Robert Snodgrass, Ricardo Vaz Te, Nicky Maynard, Demba Ba, Benni McCarthy, Ilan and everyone’s favourite Savio are just a handful of names who have been drafted in during January to help put out a relegation fire or spark some life into a failing promotion push. All with differing levels of success, failure or Savio.

If Ings just plays in ‘El Sackio’, as the match with Everton on Saturday has been dubbed, and one goes in off his arse giving West Ham a fortunate victory, then all it does is add another thin layer of paper to the huge crack the club has developed over the past year.

For all his hard work turning West Ham into the club it is now, Moyes has run his race. He’s lost the dressing room, those willing runners he had a few seasons ago aren’t there anymore, he continues to pick players who are terribly out of form and he has no idea what to do with West Ham’s expensive new signings.

Gianluca Scamacca and Lucas Paqueta are probably wondering what they let themselves in for. Flynn Downes must be wondering what he has done wrong not to be picked over Soucek, while Moyes’ apparent hatred of Said Benrahma continues unabated.

Benrahma could cook Moyes a spectacular seven-course Michelin-quality meal and the Scotsman would still complain that he forgot the ketchup.

Moyes is a man who knows where he stands with a bottle of ketchup, and definitely can’t hand the creativity of foreign cuisine. But I digress.

If West Ham are still in this strange dream world, then the perfect scenario would be this: West Ham beat Everton. Frank Lampard is sacked. Moyes is poached by Everton and David Sullivan doesn’t have to sell another boat load of mucky books to pay his severance fee.

As long as Sullivan does not go out and get Rafa Benitez then things can only get better…hopefully.

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