‘Welcome To Your Sunday Service’: Sydney Sweeney Screened Her New Horror Film Immaculate In A Church, Because Of Course She Did

 Sydney Sweeney's nun in Immaculate.
Sydney Sweeney's nun in Immaculate.

In what can only be described as a divinely-inspired promotional stunt, Hollywood's darling Sydney Sweeney took to a hallowed hall, not to offer a word of prayer but to present one of the most anticipated horror movies. The Euphoria veteran presented her new movie Immaculate to a group of devout fans and horror lovers. The venue? None other than a church, because of course it was.

The White Lotus star took to her Instagram stories to share a video of herself presenting the movie ahead of a fan screening that took place at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church. Ahead of the screening, Sweeney greeted fans with an amusing message about attending her "service."

Hi guys, thank you, welcome to your Sunday service. I just have to thank you guys so much because none of this would be possible without all of your love and support. I appreciate you more than you know. And I really hope you love this. I hope you jump, you scream, you go on a wild ride because it was a wild ride for me and it was a labor of love for 10 years.

This unique screening is just a glimpse into the whirlwind promotional tour Sydney has embarked on while promoting her upcoming horror movie. Over the past few weeks, she's been captivating audiences not just with her choice of venues but with her striking fashion choices that hark back to Old Hollywood glamour. However, at the Los Angeles premiere, Sydney took her style game to an avant-garde realm, opting for a top crafted entirely from paper hands—an audacious choice that proves she's as fearless in fashion as she is in her film roles. Clearly, the Anyone But You actress and her team have a flair for marketing her projects in innovative and unforgettable ways.

Take a look.

Image from an Immaculate screening on Sydney Sweeney's Instagram
Image from an Immaculate screening on Sydney Sweeney's Instagram

Elsewhere, there seemed to be nuns and more at the event.

Penned by Andrew Lobel and directed by Michael Mohan, Immaculate reunites Mohan with Sydney Sweeney following their collaboration on the 2021 thriller The Voyeurs. The film boasts a cast including White Lotus alum Simona Tabasco, Money Heist's Álvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli from Baby, and Italian actors Dora Romano and Giorgio Colangeli. Set against the backdrop of a serene convent in Italy, the plot centers on Cecilia (Sweeney), a devoutly religious woman who encounters more than she bargains for when she joins the convent, eventually finding herself pregnant and shrouded in mystery, hence the film's evocative title.

The first Redband trailer for Immaculate was freaky as hell. Still, I was initially left a little skeptical, especially after numerous scary nun films, notably from the Conjuring Universe movies, which didn't quite hit the mark for me. However, the early buzz around Immaculate has been pretty positive, evidenced by its 71% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics and audiences alike have lauded Sydney Sweeney's compelling lead performance as a standout element. With such praise, I eagerly anticipate the moment I can grab my popcorn and join my local horror congregation for this unnerving and unholy cinematic experience.

Immaculate is set to join the 2024 movie schedule when it hits theaters on March 22, 2024.