We're Calling It Early: Lindor Truffle's Super Bowl 2024 Ad Is The Worst Of The Game

Assorted Lindor truffles
Assorted Lindor truffles - Lindor

Maybe it's the soothing voice singing in Lindor Truffle's Super Bowl 2024 commercial, but this ad was calm enough to make us want to nod off. It's not that the commercial was bad, per se — but compared to other Super Bowl standouts, like the ones for Nerds and Michelob Ultra, this one wasn't quite as memorable. As a Lindor truffle whisks through the air, traveling from a woman enjoying an open breeze in her apartment to a couple lounging on the trunk of their car, the theme here is clearly enjoying life and savoring the moment. This is further cemented by the end of the ad, which proclaims, "Life is a ball."

It's a feel-good moment, sure. Enough to make me want to crave a luscious Lindor truffle? Definitely. But an unforgettable commercial? Not so much. Considering over 100 million viewers are projected for Super Bowl LVIII, according to News Center Maine, we typically expect the best ads money can buy here. And it does take a considerable amount of cash to nab your spot — a casual $7 million for a mere 30 seconds, per CBS News. The payoff may be worth the price tag, as a 2021 Statista survey found that 43% of people polled watch the game for the commercials. But with all that money, and all those viewers, it is a slight disappointment to see an ad that plays it safe.

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Sweet, But Not Necessarily Memorable

lindor truffles red packaging
lindor truffles red packaging - Jfanchin/Getty Images

On the flip side, Lindor avoided certain pitfalls by playing it safe with the Super Bowl ad. Just days ago, Uber Eats debuted a memorial commercial that quickly faced controversy over a peanut allergy joke. Amidst negative reactions from the Food Allergy Research and Education nonprofit, along with viewers on social media, the company ended up changing its ad to edit out the part referencing the allergy. With so many eyes on your final product, it's understandable why a company like Lindor would want to air something decidedly uncontroversial.

However, the commercial doesn't feel like a fresh take on ads for chocolate. In fact, it's reminiscent of some commercials for Dove, which deliver a similar message of making the most of everyday life (with chocolate). It's a lovely sentiment and one that admittedly reminds me of the joys of eating truffles -- but amongst all the other creative and celebrity-packed viewings between Super Bowl plays, Lindor's likely won't be making the top of the list.

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