White House Comments on Kate Middleton Photoshop Debacle

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White House Comments on Kate Photoshop DebacleGetty Images (2)

The Kate Middleton photoshop drama has reached the White House.

Yesterday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke about the whole matter. (If you somehow haven't been following: the Princess of Wales apologized for editing a family photo, sparking a bunch of conspiracy theories).

During a press briefing, Ed O'Keefe, the Senior White House & Political Correspondent for CBS News, asked: "Does the White House ever digitally alter photos of the President, Vice President, First Lady, or Second Gentleman before they're released?" The press room erupted in laughter, after which Jean-Pierre replied, "Digitally altered? Not that I know of. I would say no. Why would we digitally alter photos? Are you talking about...are you comparing us to what's going on in the UK?"

O'Keefe then responded, "I'm doing due diligence to ensure that the leader of another country wouldn't alter photos of themselves before released" to more laughter from the room. Jean-Pierre, herself laughing, said, "Why does the monarch have to do anything with us? No, that is not something that we do here."

You can watch the whole exchange here:

Toward the very end of the briefing, another journalist asked, "I mean, I'm just asking this seriously. I'm curious. Does the President have any thoughts on the controversy surrounding Kate Middleton? Is it something that he's been following? Do you know if he is worried about her?"

Jean-Pierre replied, "I think when we originally heard about her health situation. Obviously, we offer her a speedy recovery. I don't have anything else to add beyond that. We offer her a speedy recovery. And I’m just going to leave it there. I don't have anything else to share. I have not spoken to the President about this. But that's something that I can for surely say."

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