Why aren’t Liverpool taking Tielemans? And Griezmann can replace Ronaldo at Man Utd…

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Youri Tielemans in action for Leicester. Credit: PA Images
Youri Tielemans in action for Leicester. Credit: PA Images

The Mailbox does Man Utd and Liverpool’s scouting for them. Also: the Lionesses; and are we showing millionaire footballers too much empathy?

Get your views into theeditor@football365.com…


Youri the one for Liverpool
After reading your article regarding Youri Tielemans being a no brainer for Utd or Arsenal, surely Liverpool should be sniffing around him for 30mil? If that figure is accurate of course. Liverpool badly need an upgrade in the engine room, strange to say after the season we had but it makes sense. We still miss Gini in my opinion and the likes of Henderson and Thiago won’t be able to play every game. A cheeky bid wouldn’t go amiss, especially if we sell off some fringe players.
David, Newport (Hope Jurgen is reading the mailbox)


Griezmann United
On your list of players you mentioned to replace Ronaldo you didn’t mention Antoine Greizmann. I think he would be a good fit, is available from Barca and will want to be playing regularly, which he wasn’t in his second spell with Atletico.
Ken, Cork, Ireland


Leah’s Lionesses
It’s been a quarter of a century since the last time an Arsenal player who came from our youth ranks led an England team out in a Euros.

Tony Adams is way older than me and he was an Arsenal regular by the time I started supporting the club.

But Leah Williamson is a completely different case. We’ve seen her establish herself in the Arsenal defence, secure an England place, score her first goal and then lead the team out on a most momentous night.

I could not be prouder of Leah as an Arsenal fan – one of our own – coming through the ranks and captaining one of the favourites for the tournament.

Last night the display didn’t matter – just the result and we got it thanks to another Arsenal star. Roll on Norway.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Beth Mead dink settles Euro 2022 nerves for an England team with talent in reserve


Toughen up, 365
Lets start off with the blatantly obvious. Piers Morgan is an obnoxious tool. No arguments here. He is however often correct. Not all the time, not most of the time, but plenty of the time. He is not the proverbial stopped clock being right twice a day… hes a bloke who often speaks fairly dumbed down truths. They may appear like the hot takes of a simpleton, but simpletons often have the ability to see the blatantly obvious.

Man Utds players ARE mentally weak snowflakes. Piers said it. Unfortunately, I am now in a position where i agree with Piers Morgan. So be it. Does this now make me a lunatic right-wing bigot? Or has Piers just stated the blatantly obvious? If an idiot says something correct, do I have to disagree with him in order not to be associated with said idiot? Its hard to keep up with all these new rules on how to be a flawless human.

His Love Island comparison is fairly lazy but not without merit. In fairness , he probably realized that half the population will click on a story with the words “Love Island” and “Ronaldo” in it. Maybe he’s an idiot for such a simplistic article. Maybe we are the bigger idiots for clicking on the link and lapping up Piers’s guff. As with everything these days, you either wholeheartedly agree, or viciously disagree. There’s no middle ground, there’s no sitting on the fence. Piers is either a heartless buffoon with no idea of the intense suffering of premier league players OR he’s a tough talking maverick who’s not afraid to tell it like it is to the loony left. Pick a side!

But let’s be honest, it IS fair to say Man Utd players are mentally weak. They have shown it countless times in the last few seasons in countless games, bad decisions, fear of the ball, missed chances, dropped points against piss poor opposition. It’s a fact. Piers points out that the players lack passion and desire. This is also true based on all the evidence we have all seen with our own eyes. Many of the players do seem as interested in their social media profile as much as their actual job. The job they are paid incredibly large amounts of money to do (badly in most cases at united).

As Mediawatch mentioned, it is a case of old man shouting at the clouds. Or perhaps just a case of old man stating the obvious and being pretty much right.

F365 seems to have a huge interest in the mental health of underperforming millionaires. Thats not to say that there isn’t a lot of pressure on young shoulders. But how about they do themselves a favour and not be doing silly dances on tik tok after losing to *insert piss poor premier league team here* . Act like you care and you will be shielded from the vast majority of abuse. Countless Man Utd players have under performed, but the reason we hate Pogba and kinda like Fred (both piss poor) is because one actually looks like he cares. Its not that complicated. Act like you care… try your best.

In another F365 article, Ian King mentions Dominic Calvert Lewins “traumatic season” at Everton. Traumatic???!!!, he’s been picking up bags of cash each week for sitting on the bench all the while turning himself into a fashion icon. Traumatic??? Get a grip. Its guff like this that has people like me agreeing with Piers Morgan FFS!

Next time Piers writes another piss poor article. Perhaps try and be a grown up and separate the point being made from the man making the point. If you agree with the point, that’s ok. It doesn’t make you a monster. It makes you a human capable of rational thought. A rare commodity these days…


How United win the league
Last season ManU were obviously awful, but next season I reckon that we can win the league – hear me out.

Liverpool are much weaker now that Mane has left, and Salah won’t be motivated now that he’s got that shiny new contract. So Jurgen and his boys will probably max out at 80 points. Citeh clearly look really threatening now that they have Haarland, but in reality his knees are made of skittles. He’ll probably score 12 goals in the first 3 games and then be busted until April. This wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t just let 30 goals in Jesus and Sterling bugger off down to London. As such, I don’t reckon City are getting over the 75 point mark. Arsenal will be Arsenal, and Spurs will be Spurs. That just leaves Chelsea, who do look a bit better with

Sorting out ManU just needs a little common sense, that’s all. First things first, sell Ronaldo. That should free up £100M. With that we should be able to land Lautaro Martinez (=goals), Koke (=midfield dominance), and Stefan de Vrij (= headers, tackles).
Oliver, London


United’s glass half-full and half-empty
Ok then, heres my reasons for optimism & pessimism for Utd.

On the plus side, number 1, a shiny new manager who seems to have tactics and a positive way of playing.

Number 2, transfers so far look good. A youthful left back, a proven midfielder in Erikssen and if Frenkie signs, another quality midfielder who might even help DVB. Midfield being our biggest weakness.

Number 3, utd seem to be spending (again) so wouldn’t rule out a central defender and striker that we also need. And getting rid of Ronaldo would also be good for club and player.

Number 4, the team were so lethargic last season. Any manager can get a 10% lift on performances.

Number 5, we seem to be finally getting rid of some of the dead wood.

But on the side of pessimism,

This shiny new manager comes from Ajax where they are head and shoulders above their opposition week in week out. Utd is a whole other level to that in terms of standard of opposition and also the shambles he takes over and is expected to fix. Bigger and more experienced names have tried and failed miserably.

2, transfers so far are a left back we don’t need. Frenkie doesn’t want to come, Barcelona are enjoying taking utd from behind without lube while they decide if they want to sell at all, Erikssen doesn’t seem too keen and Ronaldo has had enough. And no-one else seems to want the players we’re ready to overpay for?

3, utd are dithering on every transfer (again) letting other clubs and players dictate terms and looking very amateurish (again)

4, The team have been so lethargic for several managers. Can anyone lift this bunch of players who are the highest paid under performers in the league? These players get paid significantly more than the winners playing for City & the scousers WTAF?

5, We have so much deadwood still. We even reject offers for players like Lindgard who we should have let go for free 3 or 4 years ago.

In conclusion, it’s the one time of the season where us fans can be optimistic. Sadly, the pessimism is likely to prove to be way more accurate after the honeymoon period subsides. I’m hoping this is the season the utd board realise there isn’t a quick fix to this mess.
Jon, Cape Town (England winning the last 4 tests the way they have done is like winning a football match where you’re 2-0 down with 10 mins to play…4 times in a row. Loving Bazball but you’d rather not be 2-0 down in the first place)

Shiny new signings and overdue returns: a reason to be cheerful for every Premier League club


United we stall
I know that there seems to be a trend on here to write bogus mails a la Barry Fox, so it is hard to work out if some posters are actually being serious when they are sending stuff in, but it appears that some Man Utd fans might need a reality check.

Christian Eriksen is, for sure, a positive acquisition. I am not sure he is really the type of player that they really need right now, but there is no doubting that the squad has been enhanced. Malacia is a curious purchase under the circumstances, but time will tell if he is a useful addition. It’s a good thing that Ronaldo is probably off – that was £50m utterly wasted, but it’s a sight to behold seeing him getting slated by fans of the club. He was never going to chase back and play a defensive role. Never. You may as well criticise a fish for swimming. After all he has contributed to the club over the years, it’s staggering to see the petulant response from so many people.

Anyway – my actual point:

This is a transitional year. It is the very definition of a transitional year. A new manager with no experience of the premiership, struggling to sign players that will fix the myriad problems in the squad, a lack of depth and quality – especially the lack of a defensive midfielder and a proper goal scorer – mean that if Ten Hag stumbles into fourth spot come next May, then he will have done an amazing job.

But a fluctuating season and 6th/7th is an entirely feasible and realistic outcome. Or maybe worse.

The past decade has seen managers binned too early, weirdly seen the least qualified one completely over-backed by the board, and now, assuming that the season isn’t a complete debacle, you absolutely need to stand by your new man and understand that he has to rebuild the team and that this could take three years plus.

I mean – please don’t. Please turn on him and have in out by December with Roy Hodgson coming into steady the ship. That would be great.
Mat (Trollhunter extraordinaire. Man, those fellas hate me.)

Man Utd striker Cristiano Ronaldo looks upset Credit: PA Images
Man Utd striker Cristiano Ronaldo looks upset Credit: PA Images

Viva Ronaldo!
Can we please put an end to the myth that most United fans were all cock-a-hoop and expecting to romp home to the title, or even challenge for it last year when Ronaldo returned?

As fans, admittedly, it was hard not to get caught up in the romance of this feel-good, if fleeting return, but anybody sane wasn’t expecting him to magically transform this rag-tag band of also-rans into all-conquering champions.

In fact, plenty of us had doubts about the wisdom of such a swansong. On the day the news broke, I told my dad (who I thank for my United allegiance) that we’d brought back Ronaldo and, whilst happy, immediately followed it up by saying “I’m not sure it’s a good idea, though” and he concurred. We both agreed he’d still put the ball in the net and that transpired, but it came at a cost.

Cristiano Ronaldo was always going to be a shiny layer of gold paint on our prestige Aston Martin when what we really needed was a new engine. And a new gearbox, carburettor, tyres and a new windscreen.

There was much that needed to be done, and still needs to be done on the clapped-out jalopy that United currently are in order for the ageing Ronaldo to operate at maximum function and anybody who seriously believed he’d fire United to the league and/or Champions League was kidding themselves.

He doesn’t want to stick around for the rebuild in the twilight zone of his career, in the twilight zone that is the Europa League and that’s fair enough. It was an awkward reunion and he probably regrets going back for a bit of fun with his ex. United as a club, after all, have really let themselves go since the amicable split back in 2009! The old adage “Never go back” rings true.

Who could blame him for not wanting to hang around for yet another new start under another new manager? Especially when the Glazers’ record of successful appointments is comparable to Shane MacGowan’s at the dentist.

As for our newest gaffer, I know little of him, but we don’t even require him to be the most transformative Eric in United’s history. We just need him to make more of an impact than Bailly, Nevland and Djemba-Djemba, so it shouldn’t be an especially high bar to clear!

Thank you for reading my rambling drivel.
Lee, almost as old as CR7 himself


Chelsea chuntering
The new management of Chelsea FC have just issued a comically tone-deaf statement, guaranteed to further agitate an already-jaded fan base.

The platitudes are irritating enough. “We are stewards of the club” purrs Boehly, co-controlling owner of Chelsea FC, and chairman and CEO of Eldridge.

Todd, you are not here to “steward” Chelsea FC any differently than the Masai “steward” their cattle, namely by taking their milk and drinking their blood. The Eldridge site states it plainly: “dedicated to growing market opportunities into significant businesses.” Not a word about “stewarding.”

Two other co-controllers of the club, Messrs. Eghbali and Feliciano solemnly promise “ to build a championship organisation”. Someone at the club should make sure they know Chelsea FC has been competing in the Premiership for quite a while now.

To deepen the mystery, Messrs Eghbali&Feliciano also promise to “ grow Chelsea FC as a global platform”- whatever that means. Hopefully not transitioning the club into an aircraft carrier or a space station. Kicking the pigskin should remain central to the program.

Turns out there’s a cohort of other co-owners, too many to list them. A long list of investments funds and investment management firms have descended upon Chelsea FC on the dubious assumption that football, US basketball and baseball are similar enough to UK football that one single set of management skills should do just fine.

It is impossible to imagine how will this corporate-gabble relate in any way to the Chelsea FC fan base. Hopefully they don’t read it.

One thing is for sure. Unless Boehly&TheMessrs stop spewing nonsense and turn instead to making the badly needed signings, the Bridge may well salute them with chants of “Rooo-man Aaabramovich” .

The date is August 8, the Tottenham game at home.

In the meantime let’s give the co-controllers, co-owners baseball/basketball wizard-stewards a chance.
Radu Tomescu, Xindian, Taiwan

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