Why A Chicago Hotel Is Selling $187 Hot Dogs

hot dog plated with thyme, truffles, and foie gras
hot dog plated with thyme, truffles, and foie gras - Courtesy of Matt Haas

When you think of foods that might run you into the triple digits, a hot dog probably doesn't make the list. But indeed, one Windy City hotel is gearing up to offer a hot dog and drink special that will cost you a couple hundred dollars after tip.

From March 1-4, the Pendry Chicago will sell a $187 hot dog combo in honor of the city's 187th birthday. Of course, this is no basic frank — instead of a standard Vienna all-beef dog, the centerpiece is boudin blanc, a French-style sausage that includes cognac and milk (hence its French name, which translates to "white pudding"). Traditional yellow mustard is swapped out for a black truffled granulated mustard, and it's also topped with seared foie gras and a porcini rye crumble — all of which, like any good Chicago dog, is squeezed into a classic poppy seed bun.

The fancy frank comes with a luxe Old Fashioned that features both Makers Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon and Macallan 12 yr Single Malt Scotch, garnished with Luxardo cherries and gold flakes. It's a bit of a departure from the classic Chicago-style hot dog and Miller Lite you'd get at Soldier Field, but it sure is a stylish way to celebrate the city's anniversary.

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Don't Be Chi, Have A Bite

plated hot dog beside Old Fashioned
plated hot dog beside Old Fashioned - Courtesy of Matt Haas

If the $187 hot dog and cocktail special is a little rich for your blood, the Pendry is also offering a slightly less outrageous indulgence: A take on the Chicago dog that features a frank on a Japanese milk bread bun, dressed with dill pickled green tomato, truffle mustard aioli, and truffle Gouda fondue. This dog, which comes with a classic Old Fashioned made with Uncle Nearest Rye, Angostura bitters, and Demerara sugar, will only run you $28 (before tax and tip, that is).

Those looking to celebrate the city with a splurge can try one or both of the fancy hot dog combos at the hotel's Bar Pendry at 81 E. Wacker, inside the Carbon & Carbide Building on the city's Magnificent Mile. And if that AmEx is still burning a hole in your pocket, consider capping off the night with a thrifty little $800 mai tai while you're in town.

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