Why Taylor Swift Skipped the 2024 Oscars Despite Having an Invite

Taylor Swift is not an Oscar nominee, presenter, or performer, but she would have been welcomed at the 2024 Academy Awards ceremony. Producer Katy Mullan raised some hope for fans when she spoke about whether Swift had an invite to the show earlier this week.

Mullan told Indie Wire, “Listen, we all love Taylor. She’s the best cheerleader you could ever possibly have in any audience, whether it’s the NFL or an award show. So if she wants to get on a plane and come to the Oscars, then we’ll hold a seat for her, 100 percent.”

Still, the red carpet came and went without a Swift appearance this evening. Swift’s absence isn’t too surprising: she did just wrap her Singapore Eras tour shows this weekend, and it’s a roughly 15-hour flight to Los Angeles from there.

Swift has never attended the Oscars. She was last at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party in 2016.

us oscars afterparty

Swift made headlines earlier this week when she reunited with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after one of her Singapore shows. She was filmed running to and kissing Kelce after the first concert of hers he attended there.

A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week about where their relationship stands during Kelce’s off season.

“Taylor is super busy with her tour, but Travis and her are continuing to make things work,” the source said. “He is enjoying his life in the off season while trying to be as supportive as possible of Taylor. They make a great match and both see a real future together. They have talked about next steps and are on the same page.”

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