Why Wendy's Son Of Baconator Burger Just Isn't Worth It

Baconator from Wendy's held in the air with frosty
Baconator from Wendy's held in the air with frosty - Jeff Schear/Getty Images

Known for its iconic square hamburger patties, Wendy's is an extremely popular fast-food chain. All their fresh, high-quality ingredients leave customers feeling full and satisfied, but it also leaves their wallets feeling rather light. According to, Wendy's is currently the most expensive fast food chain, with average prices of $5.99, and options like their signature Baconator cheeseburger costing around $9.74 depending on location. If you're looking to save a few bucks on your burger, the Son of Baconator is another option with slightly less beef for slightly less cheddar (pun intended). Or, you could opt for a bacon double stack on the value menu which is...essentially the same sandwich for even less money.

It's important to keep in mind that the price of menu items will fluctuate depending on your location. For example, the bacon double stack is $4.39 in New York City, but in Boston, the same stack will only set you back $3.79. Conversely, the Son of Baconator costs $6.79 in the Big Apple, but in Boston, you'll pay $7.19. This is likely because of various shipping prices, supply demands, and other costs that vary depending on the franchise's location. Even with the slight flux in pricing, the bacon double stack is still a much better deal that provides essentially the same sandwich for less money than the pricey Son of Baconator.

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Ordering The Bacon Double Stack Might Be More Bang For Your Buck

Wendy's cheeseburger and fries close up
Wendy's cheeseburger and fries close up - Bloomberg/Getty Images

While on the surface the two sandwiches look almost identical, there are a few distinctions that prompt Wendy's to offer the Son of Baconator and the bacon double stack at different price points. The cheaper bacon double stack actually comes with more toppings. In addition to two patties, bacon, cheese, and ketchup, the sandwich is topped with sweet onion, mustard, and pickles. The Son of Baconator, on the other hand, stacks two patties, cheese, bacon, ketchup, and mayo, with no other fresh ingredients.

While these differences are slight and can easily be modified, it's not hard to guess why the Son of Baconator will cost you a few extra dollars. The bacon double stack has a layer of bacon on top, but the Son of Baconator places bacon in between both patties and on top of your burger, essentially giving you double the amount of crispy goodness. But before fans of the savory meat cheer for team Baconator, consider the modification options that Wendy's offers. If you want extra bacon on your bacon double stack to measure up to its meaty competitor, it will only cost an extra dollar. This sandwich will still add up to significantly less than the Son of Baconator, even when you add the extra bacon. Essentially, if you order the Son of Baconator, you are paying $2-$3 more for bacon, when you could have added the same amount to a double stack for less money.

These Wendy's Hacks Are Actually Worth Your Time (And Money)

Wendy's storefront
Wendy's storefront - Jetcityimage/Getty Images

A former Wendy's employee on Reddit confirmed our suspicions about the bacon double stack -- it really is a better value to add more bacon rather than opt for the pricey Son of Baconator. But resolving the Son of Baconator/bacon double stack controversy isn't the thing that the online forum has shared with fans. The Wendy's subreddit is full of menu hacks and customer creations that make adding strips of bacon to your double stack sound like amateur hour.

One user shared a photo of the "T-Rex burger" challenge, stacking nine square patties high with nothing but melted cheese in between. This concoction was definitely more expensive than either of the bacon-covered sandwiches and can only be ordered in person by adding seven extra patties to your double stack. Most customers aren't able to eat it all in one sitting, although many have tried.

Another user posted their discovery about elevating frosties by asking for the almonds that come from Wendy's summer strawberry salad and mixing them to create chocolate almond ice cream. While these hacks are exciting, keep in mind that certain off-menu modifications are at the discretion of the employee -- be sure to practice kindness and understanding to Wendy's workers when asking for menu hacks. And keep in mind some money-saving options when placing your next burger order.

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