Wigan boss Matt Peet makes classy gesture towards community clubs

Matt Peet Wigan Warriors SWpix Credit: Alamy
Matt Peet Wigan Warriors SWpix Credit: Alamy

Wigan head coach Matt Peet has been met with praise across social media following his classy gesture towards community clubs.

Both Waterhead Warriors and Hensingham were among clubs to have shared a letter on social media from the Wigan boss, gaining attention on social media.

The letter, pictured below, was sent to community clubs thanking them for their hard work and dedication to up-and-coming players. The letter sent to Oldham-based Waterhead specifically named youngsters Zach Eckersley and Jacob Douglas, who are now both with the Super League side’s first-team.

Both players played their junior rugby league with Waterhead, the same club that the likes of Kevin Sinfield, Paul Sculthorpe and Barrie McDermott started at.

Meanwhile, the letter sent to Hensingham featured Harvie Hill, who received shirt number 26 within the first-team for 2023.


Having received huge approval from fans alike on social media, Peet remained humble and admitted he isn’t the first Wigan coach to do such an act, and believes other clubs will also do the same with their community clubs.

Matt Peet on classy gesture

“You can’t do anything under the radar these days, can you?” Peet joked, before continuing, “I don’t do it for that, you do it out of sincerity.

“To be honest, we’ve done that as a club for years. I’m not the first head coach to do that.

“It was great that it was appreciated by Waterhead and it’s gone to a few clubs. But I think a few clubs will do something similar.

“It is important that those clubs get recognition for the hard work that they do and the appreciation we have.

“I think if you looked into it, there will be a lot of clubs who do something similar. And I know Adrian (Lam, former head coach) and Sean (O’Loughlin, current assistant) before me did exactly the same.

“It’s important for the players we get on the field, but also the supporters we get, the administrators, the coaches and our media staff. The more people you can get who are lifelong fans of this game, the better.”

The letter

The message itself to Waterhead Warriors read: “I am writing firstly to say thank you. The work yourself and Waterhead ARLFC do has played a significant role in shaping Zach Eckersley and Jacob Douglas. This has allowed them to develop into the fine young men they are today. Zach & Jacob have now progressed at the club to join the first-team squad for 2023 and hopefully long beyond.

“As I’m sure you will know, Zach and Jacob have all the characteristics that we look for, hardworking, dedicated and humble to name a few. These have helped them to gain their place within the squad.

“The work you and all the amateur clubs do is invaluable”

“It is not lost on us the development that took place for Zach & Jacob in their amateur careers with yourselves. The work you and all the amateur clubs do is invaluable.

“I would like you to know that we appreciate all of the time and effort every volunteer and parent puts into the development of each and every player, whether they go onto play professionally or forge another path. These young men are shaped by the experiences and values they see and are taught during their amateur careers.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, we have a proud tradition at Wigan of promoting young players through our system and into the first-team, now more than ever this exemplified through Liam Farrell, now club captain.

“Without amateur clubs this could not be possible. The players you produce are the lifeblood of the game, long may it continue.

“You are always welcome at Wigan and I hope that we can continue to build the relationship between ourselves and Waterhead long into the future. I hope to see you at a game soon, supporting Zach and Jacob on the next stage of their careers.”

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