Wildlife photographer captures close-up footage of rare venomous snake

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A wildlife photographer in the UK spotted a rare British adder snake in Wales.

Ewan Wilson lucked out when he stumbled upon the nation’s only venomous snake. Wilson quietly recorded footage of himself snapping photos of the reptile. He kept a safe distance while the British adder was sitting in the grass.

“I cannot get enough of that red eye,” Wilson says in the video, which was uploaded to Newsflare. “It’s intensely beautiful. I really love snakes. They’re so misunderstood.”

The snake eventually slithered away but Wilson scored his coveted shot. The adder is a small, stocky snake and while its bite is venomous, it is almost never fatal. You can usually find these guys in woodland, heathland and moorland habitats.

Adders are recognizable by their grey scales with a dark zig-zag pattern and its red eye. They usually grow to around 60 to 80 centimeters and can live to up to 15 years on average.

The snakes are likely hard to spot because they’re not very social creatures and would rather hang out in shrubs than confront humans. Adder bites are only truly dangerous to small children, seniors and the very ill.

“I hope that my sighting of this adder can help people fall in love with our British snakes,” Wilson told Newsflare. “I hope that when people see them in the wild they feel the same awe that I feel, whilst keeping a safe distance and taking a few pictures while they’re at it.”

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