Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Novak Djokovic vs Jannik Sinner latest score and updates from Centre Court

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Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Novak Djokovic vs Jannik Sinner latest score and updates from Centre Court
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Wimbledon 2022 - LIVE!

Novak Djokovic faces what should prove his toughest test of these Championships so far as he meets No10 seed Jannik Sinner for a place in the semi-finals.

Djokovic is chasing a seventh title at SW19 and has so far dropped only two sets on his way to the last eight. However, Sinner has been in superb form, overcoming a tricky first-round draw against former French Open champion Stan Wawrinka and then seeing off Andy Murray’s conqueror John Isner and fifth seed Carlos Alcaraz to reach the quarters for the first time. The winner will play either Britain’s Cam Norrie or David Goffin of Belgium in the semi-final.

Djokovic was left furious that his fourth-round match did not begin until gone 8pm on Sunday night but can have none of those complaints here as he opens up on Centre Court. You can follow all the action live with Malik Ouzia from 1:30pm below!

Djokovic vs Sinner latest news

  • Sinner takes first set 7-5

  • How to watch

  • How they got here

  • Djokovic calls for earlier start time

17:24 , Marc Mayo

17:14 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 6-2 Sinner

Game, set and match!

Both men knew this one was over and Djokovic duly reels off four points to book his spot in the semi-finals. But my word, has he been made to work hard for it.

17:13 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 5-2 Sinner

There’s a big smile on Djokovic’s face as he slides, pretty much doing the splits, and ends up spreadeagled on the grass but brings up another break point.

Sinner then hammers a simple volley long and Djokovic will serve for the match.

17:06 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 4-2 Sinner*

Sinner holds this time but Djokovic knows that the hard work is done - all he has to do now is do likewise.

Another hold to love and Sinner is running out of time to hit back.

16:55 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 2-1 Sinner

Two break points for Djokovic. Sinner is scrapping for his life here and takes risk saving the first one as he lets the ball fly past and sees it land a fraction out.

But he tries to slice and doesn’t quite clear the net - for the first time since the first set, Djokovic is ahead in the match!

16:50 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 1-1 Sinner*

Novak Djokovic has been here many times before but Sinner is trying to keep him honest. Even at 40-0 he won’t let the game slide by, forcing another point, but the Serbian’s serve is too strong and we’re all-square.

16:46 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 0-1 Sinner

No early signs of any issue with the ankle from Sinner, who did well to compose himself at the back end of that fourth set and at least win a couple of games.

He starts the decider in confident fashion.

16:38 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 6-2 Sinner

Djokovic serving for the set, but this wasn’t quite in the script. Sinner has break point.

Ouch! Now this definitely wasn’t in the script. Sprinting to the net to try and keep the rally alive, Sinner goes over on his ankle.

Djokovic is straight over the net to pick him up but the Italian looks in some pain. He’ll battle on, but that looked ugly.

He’ll need to recover fast because we’re off to a decider.

16:23 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 5-1 Sinner*

Sinner is on the board at last in this set, but Djokovic is not hanging about. Can we simulate through to the decider?

Sinner could do with a bit of momentum to take into it, though…

16:15 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 4-0 Sinner*

Djokovic holds to love. Sinner, probably wisely, looks like he’s given up on this set. All about the decider now, surely.

16:12 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 3-0 Sinner*

Break point Djokovic again as Sinner carves wide, and eventually he takes it. This set is running away from the Italian fast.

Djokovic has won two Wimbledon finals in five sets. Skinner has won two five set matches in his life.

16:05 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 6-3 2-0 Sinner*

All going the favourite’s way now. Djokovic has a break early in the second set and consolidates it with the minimum of fuss.

15:53 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 6-3 Sinner

So, Djokovic to serve for the set. The first two don’t come back, 30-0.

Sinner misses a great chance to end the rally at the net next point and Djokovic makes him pay, lifting back over his head to bring up three set points.

“Don’t panic, Jannik!” someone in the crowd yells. The most ridiculous pick-up on the run keeps him in the set a point longer, but no more. Djokovic back in business.

15:50 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 5-3 Sinner

Sinner trying to make sure Djokovic at least has to serve this out but the Serbian is on top at the moment and brings up a couple of set points against the serve.

But the Italian will not lie down, four points in a row to fight back and hold, sealed with an ace.

15:43 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 5-2 Sinner*

That’s the way to get the crowd back on side. Sinner comes up with a sensational lob at the end of another enthralling point.

It’s the only one he manages, however, as Djokovic moves within a game of pulling a set back.

15:39 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 4-2 Sinner

A reminder that Jannik Sinner found himself 4-1 down in the first set and it was at that point that his charge began.

He holds comfortably - could that signal a similar resurgence?

15:35 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 4-1 Sinner*

Djokovic knows that this is the moment to really test his young opponent, to make him feel the momentum has swung.

He nudges 40-30 ahead and urges the crowd to get behind him. They respond, but there are a fair few boos, too.

15:29 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 3-1 Sinner

There just seems to be a little more tension in Sinner’s game at the start of this third set, understandably so, too.

Djokovic again has him up against it at 0-30. Masterful stuff from the defending champion, who takes control of the point at the net to bring up three break points. Long from Sinner and Djokovic has a way back into this match.

15:23 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-6 1-1 Sinner

So, Novak Djokovic is going to need a five-set comeback to keep his title defence on the line. A swift hold to start, but it has been some time since he made any real threat of a break.

He’s doing just that here though, with break point but Sinner again picks out the far corner to take it back to deuce.

He wins the next two to hold and Djokovic is looking a little despondent out there.

15:11 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-6 Sinner

So a bit of a cushion for Sinner here as he looks to serve out the set. Don’t throw it away now, son.

Djokovic nudges 0-30 ahead but three points on the bounce give Sinner set point. Big serve, return long, and the 20-year-old is one set away!

15:05 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 2-5 Sinner*

There is just not let up for Djokovic here. Having missed out on that half-chance to put some pressure on the Sinner serve he finds himself in the same position at 15-30 down and pings long.

Two more break points. A bit of desperation seeping in as a he challenges the call on a first serve that lands a foot out, but Sinner returns the second long. One saved.

Wow. Could that be a turning point? The second is saved too with a huge helping hand from the net cord. Djokovic raises both of his to the heavens in apology.

Double-fault, another break point. And he’s done it again! Ball called long but Sinner challenges and Hawkeye is on his side.

15:00 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 2-4 Sinner

Sinner’s turn to be annoyed with himself as he tries to be too cute on the forehand slice and finds the net.

A window of opportunity for Djokovic at 15-30 as he looks to break back but the Italian’s serve gets him out of jail.

14:50 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 1-3 Sinner

That break is pretty comfortably consolidated, secured with an ace down the tee.

A shake of the head from Djokovic, who doesn’t know what’s hit him at the moment.

New balls please.

14:46 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 1-2 Sinner*

Jannik Sinner is on the charge. He has Djokovic scrambling one way and then the next before looming up and the net and creaming into the far corner.

My word this kid can play. He looks to have missed his chance at 15-30 as he volleys straight at Djokovic, but hooks a smash back past his opponent to bring up two break points.

Long from Djokovic!

14:42 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-7 1-1 Sinner

He looked nervy when being broken in his first game at the start of the first set but Sinner is on cloud nine right now.

A confident hold to love.

14:40 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 1-0 Sinner*

Has the bear been poked, then? A swift hold from Djokovic to start the second set.

14:36 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-7 Sinner

How is your nerve then, young man? It’s not looking brilliant when he double-faults to go 15-30 behind but a couple of big second serves and he brings up set point.

Djokovic gets a bit of good fortune off the net cord and Sinner slips as he tries to adjust, sending his forehand wide. Deuce.

Touch! Sinner with an audacious drop-shot that creeps over the net. Djokovic didn’t even bother running for it.

He’s done it! Centre Court rises as Djokovic’s return finds the net and Sinner takes the first set 7-5.

14:29 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-6 Sinner*

Now, can Sinner ask the question again? He’s had break points in each of Djokovic’s last two service games, converting in the first of them.

You bet he can. Djokovic’s lob is long and Sinner has two break points again. He only needs one!

Jannik Sinner will serve for the first set!

14:25 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 5-5 Sinner

So, Sinner serving to stay in this first set. Djokovic’s backhand return is long and leaves the Italian 30-0 up but the favourite comes charging back with some nice touch at the net to level.

A bit of disguise from Sinner, shapes left, goes right, and he’s 40-30 ahead. Djokovic can’t get his diving return over the net and it’s 5-5.

14:19 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 5-4 Sinner*

What a rally. Djokovic with some terrific defence, reading the Sinner smash after he’d sent one back sky high, but it’s still the Italian that comes out on top as Djokovic misses his passing shot wide. 30-30.

Aye, aye! Another monster rally ends with a long backhand from Djokovic and Sinner has break point!

Saved, forehand driven up the line, and we go to deuce, where the No1 seed holds on to edge back in front.

14:11 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 4-4 Sinner

Don’t blink now Jannik, lad. Little danger of that as he races to 40-0. Djokovic seems to have lost all that rhythm that he found so quickly in the first game.


14:06 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 4-3 Sinner*

Now can Sinner put the Djokovic serve under a bit of pressure for the first time?

Well at 0-30, he’s got chance to, though it’s rather self-inflicted, with a double-fault and a slice left well short by Djokovic.

He responds with an ace but Sinner does brilliantly to get to the next and extends the rally before Djokovic finds the net again. Two break-back points.

Double-fault! We are back on serve in the first set.

14:03 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 4-2 Sinner

Simply a must-win game for Sinner here, then, if he’s to have any hope of getting back into this first set.

At 30-15, he coaxes Djokovic to the net but doesn’t quite get it right, with the Serbian able to lift a drop-shot of his own back into play to level up.

Terrific from the defending champion on the backhand and he has break point, but Sinner responds with a powerful serve up the middle to force deuce and he takes control from there.

13:55 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 4-1 Sinner*

Djokovic really is dictating affairs already, Sinner sliding around the baseline trying to live with him but not having much joy so far.

That’s more like it though, a terrific shot to the far left corner that comes with a puff of white chalk as it skims the line. 30-30.

Needlessly long on the backhand, though, and Djokovic soon holds.

13:52 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 3-1 Sinner

I’ve been a little surprised by quite how warmly Djokovic has been received by the crowds this fortnight. They’re certainly not against him here, per se, but every Sinner point is being greeted with a big cheer in attempt to spark him into life. Probably want to make sure they get their admission money’s worth, to be fair.

Anyway, the 20-year-old is on the board. Good work.

13:48 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 3-0 Sinner*

Djokovic seals a second service game with an ace and after nine minutes on Centre Court, the Serbian is halfway to the opening set.

13:45 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic* 2-0 Sinner

And immediately, the Sinner serve is under pressure are he double-faults to go 0-30 down. Forehand into the top of the net and Djokovic has three break points.

The crowd try to get behind the young Italian with a huge roar as he comes out on top of a long baseline rally. The Djokovic’s return loops high and out and a second break point is saved.

But Sinner whips his forehand long and Djokovic has the early break!

13:40 , Malik Ouzia

Djokovic 1-0 Sinner*

Ooph, ominous start from the No1 seed, who races to a hold to love. There was an ace in there, a bit of nice work on the volley, too. Fast start.

13:37 , Malik Ouzia

Novak Djokovic to serve...

13:35 , Malik Ouzia

Right then, the players are out warming up and have been given the two-minute warning from the chair umpire which means we are almost ready to get rocking and rolling.

13:28 , Malik Ouzia

Centre Court filled up pretty promptly yesterday when Nick Kyrgios was first up on court but it’s taking a little longer this lunchtime as we await Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner.

The press box isn’t quite as full either, perhaps because of the overlap with Cam Norrie’s quarter-final over on Court 1 not too long from now.

Djokovic calls for earlier start times on Centre Court

13:18 , Jonathan Gorrie

Novak Djokovic has called on Wimbledon to revert to an earlier start time on Centre Court in a bid to avoid yet more late finishes.

The six-time champion managed to avoid the 11pm curfew in beating tennis’ Cinderella man in Tim van Rijthoven on Centre last night.

It was the latest in a series of late finishes created by the new 1.30pm start time on Centre this year and the lengthy on-court interviews and then 20-minute gap between matches.

But Djokovic, who dropped a set in beating his Dutch opponent 6-2, 4-6, 6-1, 6-2, said discussions had already begun with the All England Club about moving back to an earlier start time for the remainder of the tournament.

“I hear there are some talks about maybe moving the beginning of the matches, the first matches on the big courts, especially Centre Court, a bit earlier,” said the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

Story so far: Sinner

12:59 , Malik Ouzia

The Italian has been enjoying a superb run at this year’s Championships, taking plenty of big name scalps on his way to a first quarter-final here.

Sinner beat former French Open champion Stan Wawrinka in his first round match and also took care of John Isner - who beat Andy Murray - before causing an upset against the much-fancied Carlos Alcaraz in the last-16.

Story so far: Djokovic

12:51 , Malik Ouzia

Novak Djokovic has made relatively light work of reaching the quarter-finals, though he has dropped a couple of sets along the way, one to Kwon Soon-woo in his opener and another against Dutchman Tim van Rijthoven in the fourth round.

Djokovic has been out on the practice courts this morning...

12:43 , Malik Ouzia

How to watch

12:37 , Malik Ouzia

TV channel: The BBC will broadcast the match on BBC Two with coverage commencing at 1pm BST. If the match takes place between 6pm and 7pm, coverage will switch to BBC Two.

Live stream: TV licence fee-payers can stream the tennis action over the next two weeks via the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport website and app.

Good afternoon!

12:32 , Malik Ouzia

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of this afternoon’s Wimbledon quarter-final between Jannik Sinner and Novak Djokovic.

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