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Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Elena Rybakina beats Ons Jabeur over three sets to land women’s singles title

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Elena Rybakina produced a sensational display of power tennis to beat Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur 3-6 6-2 6-2 and become the first player from Kazakhstan to win a Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon on Saturday.

Jabeur, bidding to become the first African woman and first Arab to win a Grand Slam singles title, settled quickly to take the opening set in blazing sunshine.

But the 23-year-old Rybakina began to find her mark with her powerful serve and groundstrokes and seized control.

She looked nervous serving at 5-2 in the decider but stayed composed to claim the title, barely celebrating as Jabeur fired wide on match point.

With Russian and Belarussian players banned from the grasscourt major following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Rybakina would have been excluded from this year’s Wimbledon had she not switched allegiance from Russia four years ago.

Wimbledon 2022: Women’s singles final - Ons Jabeur vs Elena Rybakina

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur reacts to defeat

16:12 , Jack Rathborn


Wimbledon 2022: Elena Rybakina beats Ons Jabeur to win women’s title

16:11 , Jack Rathborn

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2022: Elena Rybakina reacts to winning women’s title

16:08 , Jack Rathborn

“It’s true, I didn’t expect this, or even the second week of a Grand Slam.

“To be a winner, it’s just amazing. I’m so happy, I wouldn’t be here without my team of course.

“He [Kazakh tennis president] came to support me in the semi-final and final, a big thanks.

“The most important thing is my parents, of course, they’re not here.”

Wimbledon 2022: Elena Rybakina reacts to winning title

16:06 , Jack Rathborn

“I was so nervous, I’m so happy to be here, I never felt something like this,” says Rybakina.

“Thanks to the crowd for their support, it was unbelievable.

“I want to congratulate Ons for a great match, it’s amazing, you’re inspirational to everybody.

“I ran so much today, I don’t need to do any more fitness. It’s just unbelievable.”

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 2-6 Elena Rybakina* - Game, set, match Rybakina!

15:54 , Jack Rathborn

Huge cheers as Jabeur’s backhand volley brings up 15-30. Maybe this isn’t over just yet?

But that backhand is wild, it’s 30-30 and only two points stand between the Kazakh and the title.

It’s long! Rybakina has match point... She’s done it! Jabeur goes long and it’s a somewhat muted celebration.

Wild cheers after three engrossing sets of tennis.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 2-5 Elena Rybakina

15:49 , Jack Rathborn

What does Jabeur have left? A forehand is guided just wide, 0-15.

But two sublime forehands break Rybakina down, 15-15.

Now a forehand without enough spin lands out. But some fortune as the drop shot clips the net, with an apology sent to Rybakina. But we’re at 30-40 now, perhaps effectively a championship point.

Too much power from the Kazakh and the forehand slice is sent long, it’s 5-2 and she’ll serve for the title.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 2-4 Elena Rybakina*

15:43 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur holds and sends the pressure back to Rybakina.

A tidy exchange from the Tunisian gives her first blood in this game too, 0-15.

Now a wayward strike from the Kazakh, a bigger hole on serve, it’s 0-30.

Magic from Jabeur, on the run and counters a drop shot with another. The crowd goes wild, but it’s challenged. Rybakina was correct, it was wide, we’re now at 30-40. One more chance for the break.

More power dished out by Rybakina at just the right time, crushing a backhand down the line.

Rybakina with a nice deflection off the net to hold and move to within two games of the championship.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 1-2 Elena Rybakina

15:31 , Jack Rathborn

Now this is crucial and the crowd know it, getting right behind Jabeur, who appears a little dejected.

A drop shot is sliced too much and can’t make it to the net. 0-15.

Rybakina goes long, Jabeur lets the ball run through her legs and the crowd cheers, we’re at 2-1 now.

Tunisia's Ons Jabeur reacts after losing a point (AP)
Tunisia's Ons Jabeur reacts after losing a point (AP)

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 0-2 Elena Rybakina*

15:28 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur fighting here and moves to 15-30.

An attempted lob sails long and it’s 30-30.

One of the points of the match: Rybakina with too much power it seems on that backhand. But Jabeur won’t break, sending a forehand back, only for the Kazakh to put the point away with a drop shot.

Jabeur swipes the air in frustration. That’s game. 2-0.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 0-1 Elena Rybakina

15:24 , Jack Rathborn

It’s 0-30 after Rybakina challenges an out call following a superb forehand. It kisses the line upon review!

But Jabeur outlasts Rybakina in the next point to go to 15-30.

It’s two break points after Jabeur nets with a forehand on the run.

One down, one to go, Rybakina can’t control that one. But a second serve here gives her a great chance.

And she claims it! Guiding a backhand volley back past Jabeur, who had looked favourite in the point after a kind net call.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-6 Elena Rybakina* - Game, second set Rybakina!

15:18 , Jack Rathborn

A confident start for Rybakina as she bids to serve out the second set.

Two punchy first serves and Jabeur can’t handle either, 30-0.

Stunning, after racing to 40-0 and bringing up three set points, an ace to clinch it. We’re all level.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 2-5 Elena Rybakina

15:16 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur exchanges drop shots, but Rybakina picks it up and sends her back chasing to the baseline in a fine rally.

Finally a well-placed first serve brings up 30-30.

And then Rybakina tees off with the return and can only find net.

Jabeur with a confidence-boosting hold at least. 5-2.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 1-5 Elena Rybakina*

15:14 , Jack Rathborn

Now then, can the Kazakh push home the advantage here.

An easy hold, Jabeur’s return just not on the money.

And Rybakina is now a game away from forcing the decider.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 1-4 Elena Rybakina

15:11 , Jack Rathborn

Rybakina just surviving in the game before, but then snatches the second break with Jabeur’s timing off.

It’s 4-1 and we’re heading to a decider surely.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
Tunisia's Ons Jabeur returns to Kazakhstan's Elena Rybakina in the final (AP)
Tunisia's Ons Jabeur returns to Kazakhstan's Elena Rybakina in the final (AP)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 1-3 Elena Rybakina*

15:07 , Jack Rathborn

A third break point for Jabeur, spurned again as the slice nets.

Frustration from Jabeur, now launching her racket up high, almost level with the roof.

Game! Rybakina serves a beauty down the middle of the ‘T’ and she holds.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 1-2 Elena Rybakina*

14:59 , Jack Rathborn

Beautiful backhand down the line, all set up by the kick serve.

Jabeur out of positon and Rybakina hits her spot. 30-0.

Another fierce serve at 119mph from the Kazkh, but this one is timed well by Jabeur, who uses the speed against her.

Jabeur dumps a return just inside Rybakina’s side of the court, another easy smash, but she gets her angles all wrong and it’s too fine and wide.

Now back to deuce, Jabeur with a chance here.

Gorgeous flat forehand winner from Rybakina just when she needed it down break point. But this one is long and Jabeur gets another chance.

A fiery forehand from Rybakina looks out but play continues, Jabeur chasing and forces Rybakina to face her demons. This time a fine backhand volley at the net is put away.

Now Jabeur pushed hard and can’t return, game point. But Jabeur won’t be denied, whipping a forehand past Rybakina to bring it back to deuce again. Crucial game, this.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 1-2 Elena Rybakina

14:52 , Jack Rathborn

That’s a gorgeous backhand winner from Rybakina, who is in her element now.

Guided like a missile down the line, Jabeur didn’t move. 30-30.

Another of those disguised Jabeur strokes, this time to set up the forehand pass, whipped cross court.

Jabeur thinks she’s won the game with a drop shot, but Rybakina gets there and makes it, a thrilling exchange.

Another fine rally culminates in Rybakina coming to the net to fetch a drop shot, this one is scooped up and past Jabeur. Break point.

Bad luck for Rybakina as the net deflects the ball short to save Jabeur. Deuce.

Two quick points from the Tunisian gets her on the board! 2-1.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3, 0-2 Elena Rybakina*

14:47 , Jack Rathborn

Tremendous! Two terrific volleys at the net from Jabeur and once more, Rybakina nets. 30-15.

Now a Rybakina volley sails long, Jabeur knew it even if her opponent looked ready to challenge. 40-30.

Now the backhand crashes into the net, Jabeur senses a chance to break back immediately, deuce.

Beautifully disguised pass by Jabeur after a poor drop shot from Rybakina, break point. But that’s erased immediately with a thunderous serve.

But Rybakina holds, Jabeur then takes a big leap and heads the ball back to the ball boy to spark a few laughs.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 6-3, 0-1 Elena Rybakina

14:45 , Jack Rathborn

Great character from Rybakina, who sends a bullet of a forehand winner back past Jabuer.

Then the Tunisian nets, gifting an early break and fresh hope for the Kazakh.

Former Wimbledon champion Billie-Jean King sits in the Royal Box (AP)
Former Wimbledon champion Billie-Jean King sits in the Royal Box (AP)

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 6-3 Elena Rybakina* - Game, first set Jabeur!

14:39 , Jack Rathborn

Another howler from Rybakina at the net. This time a forehand, poorly timed and smashed into the net.

Now a double fault, Jabeur is just two points from the set.

It’s all gone wrong for Rybakina, another unforced error and that’s another game to love and the first set!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 5-3 Elena Rybakina

14:38 , Jack Rathborn

A quite remarkable point, Rybakina in control, enticing Jabeur to the net.

A drop shot seems to do the damage, as Jabeur spoons one up for an easy smash, but Rybakina hits the net.

An easy hold to love in the end, now the Kazakh must serve to stay in this set.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 4-3 Elena Rybakina*

14:35 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur piling on the pressure here, but Rybakina standing firm.

A smartly-placed forehand catches the Tunisian out and she can only dump the forehand long.

A fierce backhand then beats Rybakina but sails long. 4-3.

Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 4-2 Elena Rybakina

14:30 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur fizzing down a number of serves.

But Rybakina with a superbly timed return.

Now one lazy stroke goes long, 30-30. Another thudding serve can’t be tamed back to Jabeur, then the Kazakh nets. 4-2.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 3-2 Elena Rybakina

14:29 , Tom Kershaw

A gutsy hold from Rybakina who is taken to deuce on serve and saves one break point as Jabeur’s backhand falters. A terrific forehand winner and a huge serve alleviate the danger to keep her in with a chance in this set.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 3-1 Elena Rybakina

14:20 , Tom Kershaw

Jabeur quickly consolidates the break to love. A magnificent backhand passing shot was the pick of the bunch after a drop shot forced Rybakina into the net.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 2-1 Elena Rybakina*

14:17 , Jack Rathborn

An opening for Jabeur at 15-30.

But a smart serve and point from Rybakina to bring it back to 30-30.

Break point coming, great power from Jabeur.


Wimbledon 2022: *Ons Jabeur 1-1 Elena Rybakina

14:14 , Jack Rathborn

Jabeur controlling the first point on serve and moving well so far.

Now an unreturned serve, 30-15. The Tunisian pulls out an ace to bring up game point.

Rybakina moves to 40-30, but the slice from Jabeur works well and she holds.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur 0-1 Elena Rybakina*

14:11 , Jack Rathborn

Fine start by Rybakina, who fires down some tasty serves.

She races to 40-0, but Jabeur digs in and moves back to 40-30 after the Kazakh goes long.

That’s a hold though, 1-0.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur vs Elena Rybakina

14:07 , Jack Rathborn

Just one set dropped by Rybakina during the fortnight.

Jabeur, who has lost just two sets this year at SW19, has an 80% win rate this year, up from a career rate at 59%.


Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur vs Elena Rybakina

14:05 , Jack Rathborn

Britain's Kate, Duchess of Cambridge chats to Former Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis as she arrives in the Royal Box (AP)
Britain's Kate, Duchess of Cambridge chats to Former Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis as she arrives in the Royal Box (AP)

Wimbledon 2022

14:00 , Jack Rathborn

Wimbledon 2022: Rybakina vs Jabeur odds

13:57 , Jack Rathborn

Elena Rybakina: 5/4

Ons Jabeur: 8/13


Wimbledon 2022: Novak Djokovic trains ahead of final against Nick Kyrgios

13:52 , Jack Rathborn

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Wimbledon 2022: Luca Udvardy battles Liv Hovde in girls’ singles final

13:47 , Jack Rathborn

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
Liv Hovde of the United States returns to Hungary's Luca Udvardy (AP)
Liv Hovde of the United States returns to Hungary's Luca Udvardy (AP)

Wimbledon 2022

13:44 , Jack Rathborn

Hovde leads Upvardy in the girls' singles final on No1 Court, she took the first set 6-3. She's now down 1-0 in the second, but on serve.

Still on serve on No3 Court with Hewett and Reid 3-2 down to Fernandez Kunieda.

Wimbledon 2022: Ons Jabeur on loss of world ranking points

13:35 , Jack Rathborn

“The more you do good, the more you regret that there are not any points,” Jabeur said on the potential loss of world ranking points.

“Honestly I don’t just look at myself. But I look at also Tatjana [Maria], because she struggled with her ranking to come back. Now she makes a good run and she doesn’t have points.”

Ons Jabeur makes a video message with her fans after her semi-final win (Steven Paston/PA) (PA Wire)
Ons Jabeur makes a video message with her fans after her semi-final win (Steven Paston/PA) (PA Wire)

Wimbledon 2022 women’s final: Ons Jabeur pushing for ‘double celebration’

13:22 , Jack Rathborn

“If I was able to win the title it would be a double celebration because it is Eid on Saturday, which is one of my favourite holidays. It’s like our Christmas,” Jabeur said in her BBC Sport column.

“Usually we celebrate by eating barbecued sheep and spending time with the family. I always miss it. But maybe it is going to be a special celebration afterwards and perhaps I will have my own barbecue.

“I heard the celebrations back home after my semi-final win were crazy, and they would be even crazier if I win on Saturday.”


Wimbledon 2022

13:09 , Jack Rathborn

In the Girl's Singles final, the No1 seed Hovde, from the USA, is facing the No7 seed Udvardy, from Hungary.

And the American holds to lead 1-0 in the first set.

Meanwhile British pair Hewitt and Reid are underway on No3 Court, they take on Fernandez and Kunieda, the No2 seeds.

Diede De Groot of the Netherlands beat Japan's Yui Kamiji on Saturday in the final of the women's wheelchair singles.

Diede De Groot of the Netherlands receives the trophy after beating Japan's Yui Kamiji in the final of the women's wheelchair singles (AP)
Diede De Groot of the Netherlands receives the trophy after beating Japan's Yui Kamiji in the final of the women's wheelchair singles (AP)

Tunisians delighted by Ons Jabeur’s success

13:00 , Jack Rathborn

The success of Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur in reaching Saturday’s Wimbledon singles final has prompted immense excitement in her home country for a woman nicknamed the “Minister of Happiness”.

On the streets of the capital Tunis, people said her achievements had given them a new love of tennis, while Sports Minister Kamel Deguich said there would be a huge official reception for her when she came back home.

“Tunisians have forgotten their problems, all are proud of Ons... She is really the Minister of Happiness,” Deguich said of the first Arab to reach a Grand Slam final, adding he would travel to London to watch Saturday’s match.

The 27-year-old third seed also became the first African woman to reach the showpiece match at the All England Club after her 6-2 3-6 6-1 victory over close friend Tatjana Maria on Thursday.

Tunisians are suffering from a bad economic situation, while public finances are about to collapse, amid a severe political crisis since President Kais Saied seized control of the executive power and then dissolved the parliament.

But Jabeur‘s success on court has at least given many Tunisians some respite from bad news.

“She made us happy even in the economic conditions we have now,” said Mounir Karoui, 47, adding that Jabeur had “shown a beautiful image of Tunisia to the world”.

Jabeur has been a trailblazer throughout her career, last year becoming the first Arab player to win a WTA title, the first to crack the top 10 in the world rankings and the first to reach the quarter-finals at Wimbledon.

“I never had a special love for this game, but since Ons Jabeur started playing, I watch it all the time. She made us love tennis,” said Khalifa Haj Belgacem, 38.

Jabeur has moved up a level this year and said that Wimbledon was a particular focus for her, surprising given that as a child learning the game she never even saw a grass court and her ambition was to win the French Open.

“She sends a message to young people that when you trust yourself and set a goal in your life, you can reach it,” said Marwen Nouri, 32.

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Wimbledon 2022: Elena Rybakina on Russia residence

12:45 , Jack Rathborn

“I think I’m based on tour because I’m traveling every week,” Rybakina said on her Moscow residence.

“I mean, I’m smiling (now),” she added on her lack of emotions on the court.

“I really don’t know how I’m going to react (if I win) because I believe in myself. We worked a lot with my team to get through.

“I didn’t expect that I’m going to be here in the second week, especially in the final, but I believe that I have a game to go far in the grand slams and of course, I believed that maybe one day I can win it.”

Wimbledon 2022: Elena Rybakina on final

12:33 , Jack Rathborn

Rybakina on the prospect of meeting Kate, Duchess of Cambridge: “For sure it’s an honour and I’m going to be very excited for this moment no matter if I win or lose.

“I think it’s just something to remember and it’s going to be amazing.”

Wimbledon final 2022 - Ons Jabeur: ‘I know that I can do it’

12:22 , Jack Rathborn

“I did a lot of times imagine myself giving the good speech, holding the trophy, seeing the trophy, I did it all,” Jabeur revealed after Thursday’s win over good friend Tatjana Maria in the semi-finals.

“Now I need really to hold the trophy, that’s the only thing left for me, but I believe in that. I know that I can do it.”

Jabeur added: “The dream kind of started last year when I enjoyed playing here, enjoyed the crowd. I didn’t play so many Wimbledons before. Usually it was the first and second round.

“It’s tricky to play on grass. I knew I was playing good on grass because of my game and everything. But last year, Melanie reminded me, my mental coach, I told her I’m coming back next year for the title, when I lost in the quarter-finals.

“I just love everything around here, the atmosphere and everything. It was my main goal from the beginning of the season, and even from last year. I just love it here.”

Wimbledon final 2022: Ons Jabeur vs Elena Rybakina

12:10 , Jack Rathborn

Djokovic fears Kyrgios's 'unreadable' serve, says former member of Serb's team

12:03 , Jack Rathborn

Novak Djokovic fears Nick Kyrgios’s “unreadable” serve and was left seeking a solution to it when the Australian beat him twice in two weeks, Craig O’Shannessy, a former member of the Serbian’s team, said ahead of their Wimbledon final.

Kyrgios served up 25 aces to beat Djokovic in their first career meeting in Acapulco in 2017, days before firing down 14 aces to secure his second victory over the 20-times Grand Slam winner at Indian Wells.

The two have not faced each other since, meaning Kyrgios leads 2-0 in their head-to-head.

Tennis strategy analyst O’Shannessy, who was a part of Djokovic’s team for both of those matches, said the world number three had asked him to analyse the Australian’s serve and identify any clues that could help him to read it better.

“Whether it’s his feet, the ball toss -- anything different or any tell with where he’s serving,” Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald quoted O’Shannessy as saying. “I ran overlay of Nick serving out wide and down the middle, and there’s no difference.

“Novak was adamant there has to be something that you can read from Nick’s serve, but we found literally nothing. The wide serve and the T serve happen off the exact same toss. And because Nick’s motion is so quick, it’s unreadable.

“And Novak fears that service game. He absolutely does and that’s self-evident with Novak nominating Nick as the best serve he’s played against.”

O’Shannessy added that Kyrgios’s ability to vary the speed of his second serves could also prove to be a challenge for Djokovic when they meet in the final of the grasscourt Grand Slam on Sunday.

“That second serve is arguably a bigger weapon because Nick’s confidence and willingness to switch things up, no-one else does that when really they should be trying it,” O’Shannessy said.

“He’s got the game to really worry Djokovic and really go all the way.”

Elena Rybakina: How is a Russian-born player in the Wimbledon final?

11:45 , Jack Rathborn

A Wimbledon which has seen Russian players banned from competing could yet see a Russian-born winner, after Elena Rybakina advanced to Saturday’s women’s final and moved one match away from victory at the All England Club.

Rybakina, who was born in Moscow but now represents Kazakhstan after switching international allegiances four years ago, crushed former Wimbledon champion Simona Halep in straight sets in the semi-finals to set up a meeting with Ons Jabeur.

The 23-year-old will be competing in her first grand slam final but her tournament run at SW19 could come as a huge embarrassment to the All England Club, who took the decision to ban players from Russia and Belarus from the Championships following the invasion of Ukraine.

Rybakina first represented Kazakhstan four years ago after accepting financial support from the country to help her tennis career. She also competed under the Kazakhstan flag at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year but when asked whether she felt Kazak or Russia this week, the world number 23 said it was “tough” to say.

Elena Rybakina: How is a Russian-born player in the Wimbledon final?

Britain’s Neal Skupski and American Desirae Krawczyk retain mixed doubles title

11:32 , Jack Rathborn

Britain’s Neal Skupski and American Desirae Krawczyk successfully defended their mixed doubles title at Wimbledon with victory over Australian duo Matt Ebden and Sam Stosur.

Skupski and Krawczyk claimed a 6-4 6-3 win on Centre Court to become the first pair since Cyril Suk and Helena Sukova 25 years ago to win back-to-back mixed titles at Wimbledon.

It is a second grand slam crown for 32-year-old Liverpudlian Skupski and a fourth for 28-year-old Krawczyk, who also won the French Open and US Open titles last year with Britain’s Joe Salisbury.

Britain’s Neal Skupski and American Desirae Krawczyk retain mixed doubles title

Wimbledon 2022 prize money: How much do players earn round-by-round?

11:21 , Jack Rathborn

The return to full capacity at Wimbledon for the first time in three years also sees players earning a record amount of prize money.

A total prize pot of £40m is on offer at the Championships, marking a 15% increase from last year’s tournament, when Novak Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty claimed £1.7m each for winning the singles.

This year, the winners of the men’s and women’s singles will take home a cheque for £2m, while the runners-up will claim £1.05m.

The prize money grows in accordance with how far a player advances in the tournament but there is still a guaranteed £50,000 for every competitor who made it into the main singles draw.

The prize money in the doubles is significantly reduced, with the winning team sharing £540,000, while the mixed doubles champions will win £124,000. See the full prize money breakdown below:

Wimbledon 2022 prize money: How much do players earn round-by-round?

Sleepless night for Nick Kyrgios after Wimbledon final spot was confirmed

11:05 , Jack Rathborn

Nick Kyrgios admitted he could not sleep after hearing the news that he is a Wimbledon finalist.

Rafael Nadal, Kyrgios’ semi-final opponent, stunned the Championships on Thursday evening when he revealed he would have to withdraw from the match due to his abdominal injury.

The Spaniard’s decision comes as a huge blow to the tournament, robbing it of one of the most highly-anticipated matches of the year.

Instead controversial Australian Kyrgios, the world number 40, was handed a walkover and will take on either Novak Djokovic or Cameron Norrie on Sunday for the Wimbledon title.

Sleepless night for Nick Kyrgios after Wimbledon final spot was confirmed

Nick Kyrgios claims he has a ‘bromance’ with Wimbledon final opponent Novak Djokovic

10:52 , Jack Rathborn

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic may have had a frosty relationship over the years, but the Australian now says it is more of a “bromance”.

Kyrgios, who will face the Serbian six-time champion in Sunday’s Wimbledon final, caused a stir on a podcast in 2019 when he branded Djokovic “cringeworthy” and claimed he was obsessed with wanting to be liked.

But after Kyrgios criticised Djokovic’s treatment by border officials in his homeland ahead of this year’s Australian Open, he says they are now so friendly they even exchange messages on social media.

“We definitely have a bit of a bromance now, which is weird,” said the world number 40.

Kyrgios claims he has a ‘bromance’ with Wimbledon final opponent Djokovic

Alfie Hewett puts on a show for Court One crowd with superb semi-final comeback

10:40 , Jack Rathborn

Britain’s Alfie Hewett thrilled a bumper Court One crowd with a sensational comeback from a set and 5-1 down to reach the Wimbledon wheelchair singles final.

Hewett had been disappointed that his quarter-final against Scotland’s Gordon Reid had been played out on Court 14 rather than a bigger court.

The 24-year-old got his wish against Gustavo Fernandez of Argentina and gave the spectators a thrilling spectacle in return.

He began the turnaround by winning five games in a row, forcing a tie-break, and eventually took the match 2-6 7-6 (3) 6-4.

Hewett has reached his first Wimbledon singles final, where he will meet Japanese top seed Shingo Kunieda on Sunday.

Alfie Hewett puts on a show for Court One crowd with superb semi-final comeback

Cameron Norrie determined to be back after losing first grand slam semi-final

10:27 , Jack Rathborn

Cameron Norrie was proud of his “sick” Wimbledon run but left wanting more after a semi-final defeat by Novak Djokovic.

The British number one, who had never previously been past the third round of a grand slam, had taken full advantage of a favourable draw to become just the fourth home player in the Open era to make the last four in the men’s singles at SW19.

But trying to beat Djokovic, who has not lost a match at Wimbledon since 2017, was a completely different challenge and, although Norrie made a superb start, the top seed hit back emphatically to win 2-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 and set up a mouth-watering final against Nick Kyrgios on Sunday.

Norrie said: “I think it was a good experience obviously to play him. Especially the level he brings here at Wimbledon. It gives me a lot of confidence.

“But it doesn’t mean anything. I think I need to keep working hard and I’ve still got a lot of things I can improve in my game. To reach the semis, reach the Friday of the second week, is pretty sick. But I want to do more of that and go one further and try to win a slam.

Cameron Norrie determined to be back after losing first grand slam semi-final

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