Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Ons Jabeur vs Tatjana Maria latest result and reaction from Centre Court semi-final

Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Ons Jabeur vs Tatjana Maria latest result and reaction from Centre Court semi-final

Wimbledon 2022 - LIVE!

Ons Jabeur proved too good for her “barbecue buddy” Tatjana Maria as she booked her place in the Wimbledon final.

The world number two joked in the build-up to the match that she had been trying to turn Maria’s children against their mother, with the two friends spending plenty of time with each other over the past fortnight.

They were together for three entertaining sets on Centre Court, as Jabeur reached a Grand Slam final for the first time with a 6-2 3-6 6-1 victory. She will face either Simona Halep or Elena Rybakina.

Maria‘s run to the semi-finals was a remarkable one. She was ranked No 311 in the world at the end of January, having returned from maternity leave just under a year ago. There is surely no player that has produced more backhand slices than her across the tournament, a weapon that sent the likes of Maria Sakkari and Jelena Ostapenko packing. Ultimately though, Jabeur had more tools at her disposal.

Jabeur vs Maria latest news

  • Game, set, match! Jabeur into Wimbledon final

  • Second set! Maria levels match up

  • First set! Jabeur dominant as she takes it 6-2

Match report

15:47 , Matt Verri

Ons Jabeur proved too good for her “barbecue buddy” Tatjana Maria as she booked her place in the Wimbledon final.

The world number two joked in the build-up to the match that she had been trying to turn Maria’s children against their mother, with the two friends spending plenty of time with each other over the past fortnight.

They were together for three entertaining sets on Centre Court, as Jabeur reached a Grand Slam final for the first time with a 6-2 3-6 6-1 victory. She will face either Simona Halep or Elena Rybakina on Saturday.

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Jabeur 6-2 3-6 6-1 Maria

15:20 , Matt Verri

Routine volley for Jabeur into the open court, 15-0 and just a few points away now. Maria then sends a forehand sailing beyond the baseline.

Maria nets the volley, three match points Jabeur! She’s being made to wait, fires a forehand pass wide. 40-15.

JABEUR WINS! Forehand slapped into the net from Maria and that is victory for Jabeur on Centre Court.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 *5-1 Maria

15:17 , Matt Verri

Nice volley from Maria, before Jabeur then sends a slice comfortably wide. Looks like the German will at least get on the board in this third set.

And she does just that - no bagel!

Over to Jabeur to serve for a place in the Wimbledon final.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 5-0* Maria

15:13 , Matt Verri

Jabeur can’t miss, forehand clips the line again. A 15th forehand winner of the match. Follows it with a big first serve that doesn’t come back. 30-0.

Wheels coming off for Maria, completely mishits that backhand into the net. Crowd try to rally her... not sure it’s going to do much good!

Double fault from Jabeur, but Maria then hits another wayward forehand. Jabeur a game away from victory.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 *4-0 Maria

15:10 , Matt Verri

Jabeur jumps up in frustration, she fancies her chances of making that forehand pass. Would have put her 0-30 up too.

She’ll settle for 15-30 though, Maria sent sprawling to the grass as Jabeur hammers a forehand and the German can’t do anything with the volley. Timely first serve from Maria, 30-30.

Break point Jabeur! This is ruthless. Backhand crosscourt flicked past the onrushing Maria. Too good. Long point, full of slices, and Maria comes out on top as Jabeur makes a mess of the overhead. Deuce. Forehand winner from Maria, even bigger backhand winner from Jabeur. Back to deuce.

That’s wide for Maria, another break point coming up for Jabeur. TAKEN. Wild overhead from Maria and Jabeur is crusing now.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 3-0* Maria

15:03 , Matt Verri

Jabeur absolutely marching around the court now. Maria looks to have done enough with the forehand pass, but Jabeur slams the door and produces the drop volley.

Brilliant depth on the forehand from Jabeur, Maria can do nothing with it. 40-0. That’s more like it from the German, hammers a backhand winner down the line.

Doesn’t make any difference to the game though, Jabeur is 3-0 up in the third.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 *2-0 Maria

15:00 , Matt Verri

Jabeur looks to be raising her game here, after that sloppy second set. That doesn’t help, another unforced error from the Tunisian. 30-30. She had a 67mph second serve to go after too.

Slice into the net from Maria, break point Jabeur!

She takes it! That’s a brilliant response from Jabeur and she’s now in control of this semi-final.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 1-0* Maria

14:57 , Matt Verri

Maria looks for a backhand pass down the line, falls off balance and can’t direct it.

Big backhand winner, both feet off the ground from Jabeur as she jumped into that one. Hold to love and she’s up and running in the third set.

Jabeur 6-2 3-6 Maria

14:53 , Matt Verri

Maria looking to take this to a third set.

Tame, tame backhand into the net from Jabeur. Second serve, 69mph, was there to be attacked. She can’t do so. 30-0. Again Jabeur can’t clear the net, three set points for Maria.

One down, two to go as Jabeur whips a forehand winner that just clips the baseline.

That’s the set! Terrible attempt at the drop shot from Jabeur and it’s one set all!

Jabeur 6-2 3-5* Maria

14:50 , Matt Verri

So, Jabeur serving to stay in this set and at least ask Maria the question of whether she can serve it out.

Couple of quick points for the Tunisian, but a double fault, her first of the match, keeps Maria interested. Especially when the German then dinks a drop shot over the net, 30-30.

Set point Maria! Jabeur slaps a forehand into the net and Maria has a chance to level the match up. Can’t take it this time, Jabeur strolls forward and cushions a volley into the open court. Deuce.

Two more times they go to deuce, Jabeur mixing winners with unforced errors. Ace down the T gives her another opportunity to wrap up the game.

Which she takes after a brilliant point! Over to you, Maria...

Jabeur 6-2 *2-5 Maria

14:43 , Matt Verri

Timely first serve out wide from Maria, Jabeur can’t get that back. It’s another good volley at the net to follow, celebrated with a fist pump to her box.

Jabeur still right in this game, lovely forehand pass lands in. 30-30. Big point coming up. And Maria’s first serve turns up again, 111mph down the T and Jabeur can’t do anything with it.

Jabeur has two chances to put the overhead away, doesn’t do so either time and then sends a forehand long. Big hold for Maria.

Jabeur 6-2 2-4* Maria

14:40 , Matt Verri

This is better from Jabeur, rushing through this service game.

Looks to seal a hold to love with a big forehand winner, just puts too much on it though.

It’s still a very comfortable holds for the world number two, delightful drop shot that lands perfectly on the line caps it.

Jabeur 6-2 *1-4 Maria

14:37 , Matt Verri

As mentioned earlier, Jabeur’s levels have visibly dropped in the second set. Maria taking full advantage. Another poor forehand into the net, 30-15.

And again, frustration from the third seed. That’s her tenth unforced error of the seconds set already.

SHOT! Slice, slice, drop shot, drop shot... stunning winner! Jabeur sent scrambling backwards but she somehow slices a forehand pass crosccourt. Deuce.

Counts for nothing though, Jabeur sends a backhand long and it’s a hold for Maria.

Jabeur 6-2 1-3* Maria

14:32 , Matt Verri

Bit of pressure on the Jabeur serve at 15-30, and although she gets it back level in the game she then follows it up with a unforced error from the forehand. Break point Maria.

Which she takes! Maria’s first break point of the match and one is all she needs! Jabeur lunging forward, can’t get the ball back over the net.

Well well well...

Jabeur 6-2 *1-2 Maria

14:28 , Matt Verri

More drop shots, more fun. Jabeur chases one down and slaps a forehand crosscourt, taking evasive action to avoid the net. She’s delighted to have done so, only to then realise her shot was out anyway.

That’s out from Maria this time, giving Jabeur two break points at 15-40. The first is saved with a nice volley. Jabeur has the room for a forehand winner down the line, it’s long though deuce.

Two unforced errors from Jabeur and Maria comes through that test.

Jabeur 6-2 1-1* Maria

14:23 , Matt Verri

Jabeur with a low slice into the net, 30-30. Not quite as comfortable in the early stages of this set so far.

That’s more like it though, forehand powered down the line and Maria can’t get it back in play. Just long with that attempt at a backhand winner, deuce.

Jabeur moves forward nicely to the net, simple volley and she’s on the board in the set.

Jabeur 6-2 *0-1 Maria

14:19 , Matt Verri

Bit loose from Jabeur in the opening game of the second set, couple of unforced errors. Wild return and Maria is 40-15.

The German comes to the net, Jabeur nets the pass and it’s a comfortable hold for Maria to start the set. She hasn’t had many of those!

Jabeur 6-2 Maria

14:15 , Matt Verri

So then, Jabeur serving to move within a set of a Wimbledon final. Consecutive aces to start the game, that’s one way to do it.

A wild backhand from Maria and that’s a hold to love in barely more than a minute. Jabeur takes the opening set 6-2!

Jabeur *5-2 Maria

14:12 , Matt Verri

Jabeur has the ball dropped at her toes at the net and on the spin she flicks it back over the net. Maria then finds a brilliant angle herself and Jabeur has literally no room to get it back over the net.

Maria then throws everything into a low slice... apart from the direction. Break point Jabeur.

Jabeur whips a forehand down the line, Maria can’t get it back and the Tunisian has a double break. She’ll serve for the set.

Jabeur 4-2* Maria

14:09 , Matt Verri

So many slices and drop shots in this match, neither play having any interest in getting into a rhythm from the back of the court. Lob from Maria this time lands perfectly over the head of Jabeur. It’s then long from the Tunisian, 30-30.

Lovely whipped forehand winner followed by a flat backhand from Jabeur. Clean, powerful hitting.

Jabeur *3-2 Maria

14:03 , Matt Verri

Jabeur is really on it here, chasing down everything. Maria can only lob the volley back and Jabeur smashes it away. 15-30.

That’s less impressive from the Tunisian, dumps a forehand halfway up the net. Maria replies with an unforced error of her own, deuce.

Maria goes bigger with the second serve, Jabeur maybe not expecting that and sends her return into the net. She then shanks a backhand straight up, but Maria makes a complete mess of a simple forehand at the net! Deuce again.

Serve out wide is good enough for Maria to seal a battling hold.

Jabeur 3-1* Maria

13:57 , Matt Verri

Tame forehand into the net from Jabeur, completely mishit that one. 0-30 and Maria sensing a chance to respond immediately.

Not like that though, she gets a second serve to attack but sends the forehand comfortably long. Jabeur then produces a brilliant drop shot, 30-30.

Another drop shot, this one requires another shot but the flick crosscourt is just as good from Jabeur. Slice is wide this time though, deuce.

Big backhand down the line does the job for Jabeur, who consolidates the break.

Jabeur *2-1 Maria

13:52 , Matt Verri

Delicate drop shot from Jabeur, Maria scrambles after it but can’t get it back over the net. 30-30.

Serve and volley from Maria doesn’t really work, Jabeur takes control of the point. She puts away a simple smash and that’s a break point. Couldn’t take her chances in the opening game - what about now?

No. Maria saves a fourth break point of the match already as Jabeur nets the backhand.

Really didn’t need that, double fault. Break point Jabeur again. She takes this one! Slice into the net and Jabeur finally gets the break.

Jabeur 1-1* Maria

13:48 , Matt Verri

Maria charges forward after slicing a return back, but she’s quickly moving out of the way as Jabeur hammers a forehand pass. Another big winner and it’s 40-0 very swiftly.

Bit of a shank this time from Jabeur, who then sends a forehand long. 40-30 and things not looking quite so comfortable in this game now.

There’s the hold though, yet another slice from Maria but this one doesn’t clear the net.

Jabeur *0-1 Maria

13:45 , Matt Verri

A hold! Big fist pump to her box from Maria. It took almost ten minutes, but she’s on the board.

Jabeur sends a forehand long and the German finally gets through that opening test.

13:43 , Matt Verri

Second serve from Maria, Jabeur goes straight for the drop shot and it’s absolutely perfect. The German then tries a drop shot of her own, Jabeur gets there though and Maria can’t make the pass.

Slice from Maria low into the net, break point Jabeur in the opening game at 30-40. Saved! Or rather Jabeur can’t take - she got to the drop volley but the flick crosscourt is into the net. Deuce.

Strange shot from Jabeur - gets herself into a slicing battle with Maria, which isn’t wise, and then just loops the ball up. Maria strolls forward and puts the forehand away. That’s much better, nice forehand crosscourt and back to deuce we go.

Break point number two! Forehand winner from the third seed catches the line. Jabeur can’t convert, nice volley at the net from Maria. The German is struggling to get out of this game though.

Jabeur with another break point, brilliant slice from her this time. Saved with a big first serve out wide. What an opening game! Back to deuce.

Ready... play

13:36 , Matt Verri

It’s time!

Maria will serve first to get this semi-final underway.

Players out on court

13:30 , Matt Verri

Judy Murray among those in the Royal Box this afternoon.

Here we go... Jabeur leads the way as the players make their way through the Wimbledon corridors. Don’t need a warm-up with this absolute trek.

Down the stairs and at last onto the court!

Centre Court slowly filling up

13:25 , Matt Verri

With about five minutes to go until the players wak out, Centre Court is maybe half full at the moment. Hopefully everyone makes their way in very shortly!

Jabeur well-fancied to make it through this afternoon, but Maria has been enjoying the underdog tag all tournament.

New faces on the big stage...

13:16 , Matt Verri

This year’s Wimbledon has the most first-time semi-finalists in the singles at a Grand Slam since the 1997 US Open.

Ons Jabeur, Nick Kyrgios, Tatjana Maria, Cameron Norrie and Elena Rybakina are all in the last four of one of tennis’ biggest tournaments for the first time.

Then of course there’s some very familiar faces in Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep!

Memorable fortnight for Maria

13:07 , Matt Verri

What an incredible run it’s been from Maria.

She was ranked No.311 in the world at the end of January, having returned from maternity leave just under a year ago.

Now she’s in the Wimbledon semi-finals. No unseeded player has ever won the women’s singles - could she change that?

Centre Court action underway in 30 minutes!

13:00 , Matt Verri

Jabeur trying to cause division in the Maria camp...

12:53 , Matt Verri

Ons Jabeur and Tatjana Maria have described each other as “barbecue buddies”, with that friendship briefly put on hold.

The Tunisian has been spending a lot of time with Maria and her children over the last fortnight, and she joked she’s been trying to use that to her advantage.

“Obviously it’s tough to play her and I was joking with Charlotte [Maria’s daughter], I was telling her, ‘are you going to support me or your mum?’” Jabeur said.

“I’m trying to turn all the kids to my side, using the family! They are really nice. I’m really happy for her that she’s getting what she deserves. I know she struggled a lot. It’s not easy coming back after having two babies.

“It’s going to be a great match between us, a lot of respect, for sure. Maybe not friends for two hours or I don’t know how long the match will go, but we will be friends again at the end.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


12:38 , Matt Verri

For the first time in the tournament Jabeur lost a set in the quarter-finals, but her response was a ruthless one as she quickly got things back on track. The third seed has looked impressive throughout the grass-court season and many expected the deep Wimbledon run she has produced.

Maria meanwhile had never previously made it past the third round of a Grand Slam, and has needed three sets in four of her five matches up to this point. It would be a big shock if she were to book her place in the Wimbledon final.

Jabeur to win in straight sets.

How to watch Jabeur vs Maria

12:29 , Matt Verri

TV channel: BBC will broadcast the match on BBC Two with coverage on the channel commencing at 12:30pm BST and potentially switching over to BBC One at 1.45pm BST.

Live stream: TV licence fee-payers can stream the tennis action over the next two weeks via the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport website and app.

LIVE blog: Keep across all of the action rigth here with us!

Start time

12:22 , Matt Verri

As the first of the two women’s semi-finals, Jabeur and Maria will be out on Centre Court at 1:30pm BST.

No such certainty for Halep and Rybakina, who will be up whenever that opening match is done.

Good afternoon!

12:15 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Ons Jabeur vs Tatjana Maria!

It’s the first of the semi-finals in the women’s singles this afternoon, with Elena Rybakina vs Simona Halep to come later on.

Jabeur and Maria are close friends, but that will all be put aside for two hours or so. Stay tuned!