Jamie Murray wins battle of Britain in Wimbledon mixed doubles final alongside Martina Hingis

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Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis celebrate with the mixed doubles final - Getty Images Europe
Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis celebrate with the mixed doubles final - Getty Images Europe

Jamie Murray won a battle of Britain at Wimbledon as he and Martina Hingis overcame Heather Watson and Henri Kontinen to secure the mixed doubles title.

Murray and Hingis beat defending champions Watson and Kontinen 6-4, 6-4 as Murray sealed his second grand slam title in mixed, 10 years after winning his first here with Jelena Jankovic.

It is also 20 years since Hingis edged past Jana Novotna to win her singles title on Centre Court, and the Swiss now has six major mixed doubles triumphs to add to her 12 in women's doubles and five in singles.

Murray and Brazilian partner Bruno Soares lost in the second round of the men's doubles in the opening week, but the Scot has since forged a strong mixed partnership with Hingis.

<span>Martina Hingis and Jamie Murray didn't drop a set throughout the fortnight</span>
Martina Hingis and Jamie Murray didn't drop a set throughout the fortnight


For Guernsey-born Watson, meanwhile, this was another strong run with Finland's Kontinen, backing up her progress to the third round of the singles last week where she was beaten in three sets by Victoria Azarenka.

Murray and Hingis share the winners' cheque of £100,000 while Watson and Kontinen split the £50,000 runners-up prize.

After Andy Murray and Johanna Konta's exits from the singles, Watson and Jamie Murray were able to deliver two British finalists on Centre Court, even if not the pair that many home fans had wished for.

The crowd's support was certainly evenly spread, to the extent that one particularly generous spectator felt compelled to shout out, "Come on, all of you", much to the amusement of the masses.

<span>Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson collect their runner-up plates</span>
Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson collect their runner-up plates

Murray was the star of the show and he earned the first break with a dart across the net, but a poor game from Hingis allowed Watson and Kontinen instantly to hit back.

Another Murray intervention sealed a second break for 4-3 and this time they served out when the Scot hammered away a smash.

The second set was close until the seventh game when Watson's serve came under pressure. A stinging Hingis return set up two break points, and she and Murray converted the second when Watson chipped a short ball into the net.

Serving for the match, Murray and Hingis faced two break points after a pair of punching Watson returns and then a third as Kontinen fired away a pass.

But each was saved and when Watson flashed wide a smash, all that was left was for a booming Murray serve to finish off.




And so the curtain comes down on another glorious fortnight at Wimbledon. Murray and Hingis are asked whether their partnership will continue only for Hingis to answer that they will go away and consider what happens next.

Hingis has now won 23 slams across singles and the doubles. It's a fourth major for Jamie overall.



There's nice symmetry for Hingis and Murray. Today's trophy comes 20 years after Hingis won the Wimbledon single's trophy as a 16-year-old. It is also 10 years since Murray won the mixed doubles alongside Jelena Jankovic.


Presentation time

The Duke of Kent hands out the runners-up plates to Watson and Kontinen in the Royal Box. They don't appear too disappointed with their afternoon work. 

Here come Murray and Hingis. They are given a trophy apiece to hold aloft. Andy Murray won't be making a sneaky appearance this time as he did during Jamie's success at the Australian Open last year. Andy has already headed off for sunnier climes.


Murray/Hingis 6-4, 6-4 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Oo er, what's this. A flashing forehand lands flush on the sideline for a mini-break for Watson and Kontinen. Hingis goes wide with a forehand, it looks out but there's no call and Watson drills her return wide. But wait, there's still life in Watson and Kontinen as Heather makes a superb service return winner. It brings up two game points. Kontinen can't control a big serve from Murray. What will Murray do now? Will he go for Watson's backhand? He does and it pays off as she plants a return into the net. 

Kontinen pulls off a cracking forehand on the backfoot as he swings a winner past the reach of Hingis. It brings up a third break point. Murray misses a first serve. But Hingis won't be beaten at the net and brings up a second deuce. A wayward overhead smash from Watson brings out the smiles from all four players, but it sets up match point. They only need one as Watson plants a service return into the net. GAME, SET AND MATCH: MURRAY AND HINGIS ARE MIXED DOUBLES CHAMPIONS FOR 2017

<span>Credit: jamie Murray and Martina Hingis in action </span>
Credit: jamie Murray and Martina Hingis in action



Murray/Hingis* 6-4, 5-4 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Watson is flapping at thin air as one incredible return from Murray at an acute angle gets away from her. Kontinen takes control to steer them to two games points and then throws in a double. 

A booming first serve down the middle makes the top seeds serve out for the championship.


Murray/Hingis 6-4, 5-3 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Just over an hour on the clock now as Murray and Hingis move up a gear to take full control of this match. Hingis has found her range and rhythm on her serve and secures a love-hold. They are a game away from the trophy.


Murray/Hingis* 6-4, 4-3 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Watson snatches at one loose ball but flies a forehand wide. Murray pounces on a clip of the net tape to fire a ball at Kontinen which is too hot to handle to bring up a mini break. 

Kontinen puts away a delightful backhand overhead but Hingis and Murray are all smiles are they bring up two break points. Kontinen repeals the first. But Watson chases down and puts a forehand into the net tape and Murray and Hingis are now a set and a break to the good. MURRAY/HINGIS BREAK.


<span>Murray and Hingis are all smiles</span>
Murray and Hingis are all smiles



Murray/Hingis 6-4, 3-3 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Hingis is all smiles after missing a backhand overhead which somehow squeezes under the net. Kontinen and Watson haven't been able to make too many inroads on Murray's serve but the duo are all over a short return by Murray. They show good team-work to put Murray and Hingis on the backfoot with Watson drilling a smash down low. 

Another punched volley into the corner, and Watson and Kontinen finally have a break point on Murray's serve. Murray produces a big serve to quell the danger. He goes for a kicked serve on the next, but a monster of a return from Kontinen puts the pressure back on Murray.

He misses a first serve. But Watson flashes a forehand on the second serve wide. A tap of the hands between Watson and Kontinen and the duo attempt to go again. 

After a third deuce later and Murray changes it up by producing an ace down the T. It remains on serve.


Murray/Hingis* 6-4, 2-3 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen produces a love-hold. The Finn has been the most consistent performer of the four so far. Murray/Hingis haven't had a sniff on his serve.

<span>Kontinen and Watson share a laugh during the final</span>
Kontinen and Watson share a laugh during the final



Murray/Hingis 6-4, 2-2 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Hingis is given a let off as Kontinen shapes to drill a backhand cross-court but fires straight into the net. A double fault brings Kontinen and Murray back in at 40-30 and then when Hingis can't control a deep groundstroke from Watson, the defending champions are back to deuce. 

Hingis handles the pressure, returning to her percentage game and drawing the errors from their opponents. It remains on serve this set. 


Murray/Hingis* 6-4, 1-2 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Murray and Hingis will try and target the weaker server of their opponents in Watson. Watson isn't having a bar of it as Kontinen patrols well at the net to race to three game points. The Finn ensures a comfortable hold with a backhand volley at an acute angle.


Murray/Hingis 6-4, 1-1 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Both Hingis and Murray showing good hands at the net now. Murray backs up a solid volley from Hingis cross-court with his own down the line. Murray then brings up a comfortable hold with a great pick up down low which Watson can get her racket under but watches it roll towards the net. 


Murray/Hingis* 6-4, 0-1 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen serves first again as he did in the first. A double fault hands the initiative to their opponents who have yet to drop a set this fortnight. A beautiful backhand winner smacked inside the sidelines draw them back before there's a mild discussion going on between Watson and Kontinen as the Finn prepares to serve. Whatever was discussed works as they move to two game points. Watson strikes wide to miss the first, but Hingis then can't handle a booming 123mph serve from Kontinen. 


Murray/Hingis 6-4 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Another volley is punched into the net by Murray and when Kontinen smashes a volley down the middle, Kontinen and Watson sense an opening at 15-30. A simple put away from Murray at the net turns the game in their favour and brings up a set point. Murray over-shoots his first serve. But he drills a volley past Kontinen after a great return from Watson for the opening set after 30 minutes. MURRAY/HINGIS WIN OPENING SET. 


Murray/Hingis* 5-4 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen serving now to stay in the first set. The Finn has been serving well all afternoon and maintains his dominance with his 54th ace of the tournament so far. Hingis misses with a lob and Murray will come out after the changeover to serve for the opening set. 


Murray/Hingis 5-3 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Hingis stronger on her serve this time out as Murray stays strong at the net punching another volley for 30-0 and then uncharacteristically slapping one into the net. Murray puts another volley into the net and this is very unMurray like. They finally get over the line when Watson rasps a forehand into Murray's body. He gets his racket on the ball, it clips his hip but lands favourably over the net. 


Murray/Hingis* 4-3 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen produces a shot as slick as his hairstyle with a deft volley on the opening point of Watson's serve. Murray sees Kontinen moving during the next point and seizes his chance to push a backhand down the line. And confusion during the next point between the defending champions bring up two break points for Murray and Hingis again. Watson saves the first with a timely ace. But Murray mops up well at the net to punch home a volley for game. MURRAY/HINGIS BREAK. 


Murray/Hingis 3-3 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Murray deceives his opponents by planting a forehand down the line when Kontinen and Watson were anticipating him going cross-court. Hingis brings up game with a solid overhead at the second time of asking.


Murray/Hingis* 2-3 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen's thunderous serves are causing problems for Murray and Hingis. The Finn wraps up another hold with an outswinging ace. 


Murray/Hingis 2-2 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

A couple of loose strokes from Hingis move Kontinen/Watson to 15-30 and a double fault hands their rivals a chance to break back instantly. Another first serve is plopped into the net before Kontinen blasts a service return straight back at Murray to draw level. KONTINEN/WATSON BREAK.


Murray/Hingis* 2-1 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

John Inverdale has already labelled this the 'battle of the smiles' between Hingis and Watson as the latter draws the Swiss Miss to send a groundstroke long and brings out the first pout of the match.

A great forehand into the feet of Murray steers them to 30-15 but there's early pressure as Kontinen pushes a volley from close quarters long. The Finn is scampering to the baseline to retrieve a lob from Murray and when Kontinen pushes wide, Murray and Hingis bring up a first break point. Great aggression from Murray at the net ensures an early break. MURRAY/HINGIS BREAK. 


Murray/Hingis 1-1 Kontinen/Watson* (*next sever)

Murray serves for the top seeds, he backs up an outswinging first serve by punching a volley down the middle of the court and takes the game with his first ace. 


Murray/Hingis* 0-1 Kontinen/Watson (*next sever)

Kontinen serves first to get this mixed doubles final up and running. He takes charge of one rally, standing Watson down from one smash only to see the next ball from Murray's backhand wing roll past him. 

A solid serve down the T to Murray's backhand wing brings up an easy hold for the defending champions.


Players are out and ready

Here we go then. There's plenty of spare seats on Centre. Hopefully we're in for a real treat.


How do you win a doubles title?

Jamie Murray says finding the right partner is key to success:

You want to find someone who will be the right fit for you and can complement what you’re doing on the court and boost your strengths and help with any weaknesses. It’s important to have good chemistry on the court and it’s a very intense relationship so it’s important that you get on well with one another or at least have that mutual respect.

How you see the game can be important too because that can cause issues if you’re polar opposites, though that can sometimes work well too.

You can read the full story here. While much of it was more concentrated on his partnership with Bruno Soares in the men's doubles, he will no doubt adopt some of these strategies in the mixed doubles.


Now for the main event?

So after the most one-sided men's final in 15 years, fans on Centre Court will be hoping for a more competitive contest in the mixed doubles final.

It promises to be a real love-in with fans divided as to which team to support. With they plumb for Jamie Murray and the nostalgia of 10 years on since his triumph alongside Jelena Jankovic?

His partnership with Martina Hingis has been proving unstoppable since the moment they formed at the start of the tournament. And the Swiss Miss is a popular player on these courts.

In the other corner, Heather Watson remains a fans' favourite too with many holding her close to their hearts after she pushed Serena Williams to the limit in their 2015 third-round contest.


Match preview

When and where is the match?

It's today (Sunday, July 16) on Wimbledon's Centre Court. It follows the men's final.

What time does it start?

Your guess is as good as ours as it depends how long the men's final lasts, but if you're watching that then it follows straight after. Otherwise, assume around 5pm.

What TV channel is it on?

The BBC will be switching from BBC 1 to BBC 2 for the mixed doubles final, with full coverage starting at 6.30pm. Alternatively, you can follow all the live action right here with us when this very page turns into our match commentary.

Scene setter

Heather Watson is ready to give her Wimbledon campaign one last big push when she faces fellow Briton Jamie Murray over the net in today's mixed doubles final.

The British No 2 singles player will bounce back into the world's top 100 on Monday and feels the grass-court stretch has provided the spur that her career was needing.

But 25-year-old Watson is making no secret of her growing fatigue after playing six weeks back to back.

She enjoyed strong singles runs in Surbiton and Eastbourne, and can cap her successful streak with a successful defence of her Wimbledon title, alongside Finland's Henri Kontinen.

<span>Heather Watson in action with&nbsp;Henri Kontinen</span> <span>Credit: PA </span>
Heather Watson in action with Henri Kontinen Credit: PA

Standing in the way of Watson and Kontinen is the new partnership of Murray and Martina Hingis, the 22-time grand slam champion who won her first Wimbledon title 21 years ago, as a 15-year-old in women's doubles alongside Helena Sukova.

It will be the first final between opposing British players since the 1961 women's singles final, when Angela Mortimer beat Christine Truman. But it will be a Centre Court occasion, with the winners sharing a £100,000 prize pot.

Wimbledon 2017 Tennis Championships
Wimbledon 2017 Tennis Championships

Murray's success means his family is represented in a Wimbledon final for the fifth time in six years, and it is not known at this stage whether younger brother Andy will attend. The two-time singles champion has previously disclosed he finds it highly stressful to watch Jamie's matches.

Jamie Murray is bidding to win the mixed doubles for a second time, after triumphing with Jelena Jankovic 10 years ago.

What are they saying?

Heather Watson on her partner and grass-court form

"Over the last few weeks, in this grass-court season in general, my singles career has started to take off again and I've won a lot of matches.

"I'm really happy my ranking's started to go up again and after we play the final I'll get a bit of time off, because I've been playing every week. I think it's paid off but I'm a bit tired now.

"I find Henri so enjoyable to play with. We have a great time out there. Even if I miss a simple ball I'd usually make, or don't put away a volley, he's so supportive, and that makes me feel great for the next point.

"Henri tells me what to do and I try my best to do it, and then if I succeed he just goes and wins the point for us."

Jamie Murray on winning with Jelena Jankovic 10 years ago

"People mention it to me and it seems like so long ago. I was only 21 at the time.

"I'd just started playing on the main tour and we ended up winning. I'd never played mixed doubles before."

What is today's order of play?

(All times BST, seeds in brackets)

Centre Court

14:00: (7) Marin Cilic (Cro) v (3) Roger Federer (Swi), (1) Jamie Murray (Gbr) & Martina Hingis (Swi) v Henri Kontinen (Fin) & Heather Watson (Gbr)

Court 1

13:00: Axel Geller (Arg) v (8) Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (Spa), Cara Black (Zim) & Martina Navratilova (USA) v Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario (Spa) & Selima Sfar (Tun), Lleyton Hewitt (Aus) & Mark Philippoussis (Aus) v Justin Gimelstob (USA) & Ross Hutchins (Gbr)

Court 12

11:30: Richard Krajicek (Ned) & Mark Petchey (Gbr) v Jacco Eltingh (Ned) & Paul Haarhuis (Ned), (4) Catherine McNally (USA) & Whitney Osuigwe (USA) v Olga Danilovic (Ser) & Kaja Juvan (Slo)

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