Wimbledon set to relax rules on all-white underwear for female players after protests

Campaigners from Address The Dress Code protesting at Wimbledon in July  (PA)
Campaigners from Address The Dress Code protesting at Wimbledon in July (PA)

Wimbledon looks set to change its all-white dress code on underwear for next year, after concerns raised by female players over their menstrual cycles.

Pressure has been mounting on the All England Club to amend its policy, which is set to be revised before the 2023 tournament.

A protest was held last year by a group of women in white tops and red shorts with placards and a banner calling on the club to “address the dress code”.

Tournament officials plan to adhere to their dress code for all clothing except for underwear and undershorts. While nothing has been made official, the All England Club said in a statement: “Prioritising women’s health and supporting players based on their individual needs is very important to us, and we are in discussions with the WTA, manufacturers and with the medical teams about the ways in which we can do that.”

There have been increasing calls for Wimbledon to move with the times and come more in line with other sports.

Judy Murray has implored more players to speak out in order to make a change. She said recently: “It’s a much more open talking point, but it would probably need more players to speak out about the trauma it can cause if you are wearing all white and then have a leak while playing. I can’t think of a much more traumatic experience than that.”