Who will win The Traitors? It’s obvious

The Traitors has been full of twists and turns
The Traitors has been full of twists and turns - Studio Lambert

The last leg of The Traitors has begun, with last night’s “quarter-final” bringing the number of contestants down to seven, ahead of tonight’s penultimate episode (BBC One, 9pm) and tomorrow’s finale. Claudia Winkleman will be straightening her fringe and pulling down her sleeves (why does she do that?!).

Seven are still standing. Five are “faithfuls” and two are “traitors”, the latter enjoying the power to dispatch the faithfuls and improve their odds of winning. Yes, if just one of these backstabbers survives the final vote – on whether or not to end the game – they’ll pocket the entire loot. The remaining faithful will get nothing.

So, who’ll go all the way? Here’s my analysis of each player’s chances based upon watching far too much of this stuff than I really should.

Harry Clark (traitor)

Treachery 5/5; Survivability 2/5

He might pronounce “faithful” as “fateful”, but the puppy-faced soldier has defied expectations to become a popular favourite to win. Alas, I think he’s overplayed his hand. Having cleverly turned on Miles and Paul, his original team-mates, Harry’s denunciation of Paul was so surprisingly forensic that the other players suspect their lead detective is a secret villain. I think he’ll be voted off soon.

No chance: Harry has played his hand too early
No chance: Harry has played his hand too early - BBC

Zack Davies (faithful)

Treachery 2/5; Survivability 4/5

Zack works in politics and is thus thoroughly obnoxious, which helps because players have assumed no traitor would be so obvious. I also think this makes him unlikely to be killed-off because his abrasive personality keeps others guessing, to the advantage of the traitors. Despite himself, I can see Mr Loudmouth sneaking through to the final round.

Evie Morrison (faithful)

Treachery 1/5; Survivability 4/5

Chances are also high for Evie – who was so frequently confused for Charlie (another bubbly blond) that when Charlie was voted off, viewers were confused that she still seemed to be in the show. Evie has demonstrated that generic amiability is an evolutionary asset. The faithful like her and the traitors can’t imagine her as a threat.

Jasmine Boatswain (faithful)

Treachery 2/5; Survivability 1/5

By contrast, Jasmine is starting to get on the housemates’ nerves. At the end of the last episode, players observed that she’s highly intelligent but also “very defensive and not very open”. This is a show, as in life, when being a lone wolf can lead to ostracism. Despite Ross, who had been suspicious of Jasmine before he turned traitor, now being given the elbow, she is still in trouble. Zack, in particular, is gunning for her. Both Harry and Andrew are confident the group will banish her.

Jasmine is getting on the housemates' nerves
Jasmine is getting on the housemates' nerves - PA

Mollie Pearce (faithful)

Treachery 1/5; Survivability 4/5

I’ve a thing against constants who, when they write the name of the person they want to expel, insist on putting two kisses and a heart next to it. It’s a death sentence, not a get well card! That sugar-and-spiceness is Mollie to a tee – sweet and much liked, another contender who might get through on personality alone. But this series has shown an odd tendency to murder women, and the traitors have suggested she lacks guile. Could prove expendable, a shock kill to shake up the others.

Jaz Singh (faithful)

Treachery 2/5; Survivability 2/5

I’m amazed Jaz hasn’t been voted off yet. Some of his traitor picks have been wrong, but he is analytical and dogged, and this time he’s impressively close to the truth: Ross is “very much on my radar”, he said in one cliffhanger, “as is Harry.” Oooo. If the Traitors were smart, they’d kill Jaz tout de suite. If they do not, he’s got his eyes on two out of three of them, leaving just one Welsh hulk standing.

Welsh hunk Andrew has never stopped behaving like a faithful
Welsh hunk Andrew has never stopped behaving like a faithful - PA

Andrew Jenkins (traitor)

Treachery 4/5; Survivability 5/5

Yes, I think Andrew might be the winner this season. His character arc is fascinating: from faithful to reluctant traitor, to traitor who has escaped almost all suspicion because he never stopped behaving like a faithful.

See, Paul and Harry have made the mistake of revelling in slaughter, as though they were geniuses for bumping off their friends in the night. But The Traitors is ultimately a popularity contest, and innocent-seeming Andrew has come thus far because, I suspect, he never emotionally stopped being a faithful. It would be nice to see a basically good guy come first.

Traitors continues tonight and Friday night at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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