Woman blown away by ex-husband’s ‘ridiculous’ financial demand: ‘He is not entitled to anything’

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A woman doesn’t want to sell her half of a home to her ex-husband and the woman he had an affair with.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” for help. She and her ex-husband previously owned a home together. Back when they were married, she had fertility issues, which resulted in her husband cheating on her with another woman. Now, her ex-husband wants to buy her half of the home so that he can live there with the woman.

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“[Me] and my now 35-year-old ex-husband have recently gotten divorced after 12 years of marriage,” she explained. “We are joint owners of a house. He is demanding I sell my half to him so he and his 23-year-old girlfriend can live together, as they want to start trying for children. A little rundown on the situation: We never had any children.

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“We found out the fertility issue was on my end. I suggested we try adoption or a surrogate, but he was against both options. Adoption, because the kid wouldn’t be his biologically — and surrogate, as he didn’t like the idea of a stranger carrying his child. It left us at a stalemate.”

When her husband realized she couldn’t conceive, he had an affair.

“I was willing to accept we’d never have children. He, however, was not, and he began to have an affair, which led to the breakdown of our marriage,” she wrote. “The house is one I picked and is my dream home. I love it, but he insists that I sell him my half so he can start trying to have a family.

“Maybe it’s spiteful of me, but I’d sooner sell my half to a random on the street than him. I’ve suggested that I buy his half instead or that we just sell it and split the money. But he refuses, saying, unlike me, he needs this house if he’s to have a family.”

Redditors thought the husband was out of line.

“He is not entitled to anything,” a user said.

“Your ex is vile. He deserves every inconvenience the world can throw at him, starting with moving and buying his own house,” another wrote.

“It’s actually ridiculous he’s demanding you move out and sell to him when you live there,” someone commented.

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