Woman discovers her graduation headshots were used for stock photos: ‘I didn’t read the fine print’

A woman didn’t read the fine print, and now, she’s the face of endless advertisements.

TikToker provided her followers with a hilarious story time. Years ago, she agreed to sign over the rights to her photos for a discount on the headshots. Since then, her image has popped up in all kinds of interesting places.

“Thinking about that one time I didn’t read the fine print on my headshots contract and my photographer sold my pics to stock photo sites,” the video text read.

The creator’s photo appeared poorly edited onto the book cover of a romance novel called His Big, Childhood Sweetheart. In a follow-up video, she explained that she first saw her image repurposed in an article that turned her into the Mona Lisa.

In another update, she shared other places where her headshots were used — like job recruiting tools, websites stock photos and author photos.

People on TikTok couldn’t help but tease her about the funny situation.

“I’m sorry but I would be sending the cover to everyone telling them I made it,” someone said.

“I know you probably can’t sue but id have to fight over this,” a TikToker replied.

“Jail. Immediately. Cause why did they do you like that,” a person commented.

“Mine were all over text books when I was 12!” a TikToker replied.

“Personally I would be at the bookstore signing my new book for fans,” another added.

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