Woman invents dance moves to keep ‘boys away’ at the club

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Don’t like getting hit on at the club? One woman came up with a few certified man-repellent dance moves.

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Sometimes men can come on a little too strong. TikToker Gabrielle Alexandra DePietro came up with an easy preventative measure to make sure men stay away while you’re grooving. So the next time some dweeb tries to yuck your yum at a club, just whip out these hilarious dance moves. 

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“Dance moves that will keep the boys away from you in the club,” DePietro wrote in the caption

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Her first move was the “shin/crotch kick,” an aggressive dance that required kicking her legs behind her. Next was the “finger thrust,” where she held two middle fingers out and made a swatting motion with them. The final move was the “classic clench,” where she clenched her butt, thrust her hips and made some disturbing eye contact with the camera. 

DePietro’s video racked up over 41.9 million views. People appreciated the funny tutorial. 

“You need to teach this at schools,” one person commented.

“I will be taking this advice,” another wrote

“I’m definitely dancing like this for my bachelorette party. Hopefully, the men stay away,” a user said

Even Fenty Beauty left a comment saying, “She said SELF DEFENSE.” 

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