A woman who was once suicidal at 300 pounds now practices archery to stay happy

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A woman who was once suicidal at 300 pounds now practices archery for three hours a day to stay slim, happy and motivated. 

In August of 2017, Amber Hope, 32, weighed 300 pounds. 

She now weighs just 125 pounds and trains with a Mongolian horse bow for around three hours each day. 

Since her weight loss she has also found success as a personal trainer, professional gamer and actress.  

Before her transformation Amber, of Los Angeles, California, used to comfort eat and binge in the evenings. 

She said: "I would never eat breakfast and I'd always have a small lunch, I'd always just eat a huge dinner. 

"I'd eat close to an entire pizza by myself and drink at least five to six cans of soda each day at a minimum.

"I never drank water. 

"I only drank soda and energy drinks.

"I would also emotionally eat. 

"Sometimes I'd get so depressed that I'd eat an entire can of Pringles in 10 minutes."

Amber only began focusing on weight loss when her depression took her to her lowest point. 

"I was so depressed that I wanted to take my life. 

"I had an epiphany one day…I got a therapist.

"I started listing some things I wanted to do.

"I said I wanted to be a game developer. 

"I wanted to act. 

"I wanted to lose weight."

Following her time in therapy, Amber began to pursue her goals relentlessly.

Within a year of low-carb dieting, cardio, and weight training, she lost 150 pounds. 

"My diet started out very low-carb.

"I tried to keep my calories around 1,200 per day.

"I also went vegan.

"I actually ended up in a book called The Legends of Change when I went vegan.

"I did a whole foods, plant-based diet.

"I'm still 80% vegan but 20% I'll allow myself fish now.

"I also workout six days a week." 

Her success in losing weight served as a catalyst for her to achieve her other life goals. 

"Next, I did some work on a survival video game. 

"I was part of a game design team and I did community outreach and IT work. 

"Then, I took a chance and joined a PUBG tournament with DeadMau5, Kevin Smith, and the Twitch streamer Shroud.

"I actually won the competition.

"After this, I started my acting career and was in a promo for season 7 of Orange is the New Black. 

"I was also on MTV's Flex on my Ex. 

"Finally, I started streaming my workouts and I started personal training."

After conquering so many hills, Amber's found a new passion in archery. 

"I shoot archery three hours per day.

"My partner started teaching me in February and bought me my first horse bow in March.

"I shoot a traditional horse bow, which is rare.

"You have to be really strong and stable to shoot it.

"It teaches you to work on your strength and mental strength. 

"I'm shooting 50-55 pound draw weight, which is more than most men. 

"The Mongolian horse bow is a light bow, and it's hard to hold and use. 

"The sport has become like my therapy.

"I recently won my first competition."

She claims that archery has given her newfound confidence and a sense of achievement that she was lacking when she was overweight. 

Now she is focused on helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

"I thought I was stuck when I was overweight, but you're never stuck.

"I want to teach people self-love. 

"You can't be so hard on yourself.

"You have to go about losing weight without being mean to yourself. 

"If you have a goal, don't give up and don't give in."

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