Woman outrages roommate with her secret at-home cooking decision: ‘She is overreacting’

A woman isn’t sure how to handle her roommate’s strict allergy requirements.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for advice. Her roommate is allergic to many foods, including eggs. To help the roommate out, she agreed to keep any allergens in her bedroom. When the Reddit poster thought her roommate was going to be away for a week, she decided to cook eggs. But the roommate came home early and was furious.

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“I have been living with my roommate for the past three years now,” the Reddit poster said. “When we moved in, she informed me she has a variety of pretty serious allergies, including a pretty potent one to eggs. Because of this, she cooks her own food and uses her own dishes.

“Right after the lockdown started, she came into contact with one of her allergens in the apartment and had to use her EpiPen. I wasn’t there for it, but she told me when I got back. She was really freaked out, and she made me empty out the fridge and do a deep clean of all the dishes.”

The roommate then required the Reddit poster to keep all potential allergens in her room. The Reddit poster agreed to the stipulation.

“Fast forward to this Christmas,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My roommate was flying home, and I had decided to stay in the apartment and forgo the holidays with my family. I was feeling super lonely and nostalgic, so I decided to make a tortilla español, which is something my grandmother used to make for us. Even though the dish uses a lot of eggs, I figured this would be OK since my roommate was out of town for an entire week.

“I hear the door open. It’s my roommate. She’s been at the airport for hours, and her flight’s been canceled. Immediately, she sees the eggs and starts to fly off the handle at me. I’m scrubbing and trying to clean up as fast as I can, but she’s screaming at me and crying and saying I’m trying to kill her. She has barely talked to me since, but she’s sent me a couple [of] Facebook messages about how upset she is that I won’t respect her boundaries and have such little regard for her health and wellbeing. She’s thinking about moving out.”

Redditors thought the roommate was being too rigid.

“She is overreacting,” a user wrote.

“If she is so allergic to eggs that she can’t be in an apartment where they have been cooked, she needs to live on her own,” another said.

“I get her condition is scary, but ultimately, the world doesn’t revolve around her,” someone commented.

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