Woman questions boyfriend's loyalty after 'disrespectful' behavior: 'Something's up'

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A woman turned to the internet to seek relationship advice after she suspected that her boyfriend might be lying to her.

On Dec. 31, TikTok user Desiree Baker uploaded a TikTok video explaining her dilemma and pleading with her followers to “please help.”

Baker’s younger sister tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, Dec. 26. Since Desiree and her sister “live together” and “hang out all the time,” she got tested twice, and both times her results were negative.

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Desiree assumed everyone else was “in the clear” since she didn’t have it and she spent the most time with her sister. However, everyone else — including her boyfriend — got tested just to be safe, and her boyfriend’s test results came back positive.

This in itself is not cause for concern. Speaking to CTV News, immunology expert Dr. Eleanor Fish explained that people with stronger immune systems might be able to avoid contracting the virus entirely.

“You might have a stronger immune system that makes you less susceptible to becoming infected or that makes you more resistant to the infection,” she explained.

That doesn’t explain what happened next with Desiree’s boyfriend and sister, though.

Once Desiree’s sister and boyfriend found out they both had COVID-19, they decided to quarantine together at Desiree’s family’s vacation house. Obviously, she was not comfortable with this.

“After they both tested positive, they went to my summer house and are quarantining together, despite the fact that I said I didn’t feel comfortable with that,” she said. This isn’t the first time they’ve been too close for comfort, either: Desiree shared a photo of her sister and her boyfriend hanging out, and many people pointed out in the comments that they look like they’re dating.

“What do I do?” Desiree asked her followers.

Virtually every person who commented on Desiree’s video warned her to break up with her boyfriend.

“You said you weren’t comfortable with it and they still did it? That’s enough to be upset about in itself,” one person said. “Something’s up.”

“You set a boundary and they didn’t respect it,” another added. “I think you know what to do, sis.”

“The [COVID-19] results mean nothing, the lack of respect from BOTH people is sus!” a third added. “Your bf should respect your boundaries.”

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