A woman is sharing the wild amount of fresh produce, snacks, and alcohol she says Airbnb guests leave behind, and it looks like enough groceries to last weeks

A composite image of screenshots from the user's TikTok videos.
The TikTok user is shocking people with the amount of food and other items her Airbnb guests leave behind.A touch of class/TikTok
  • A woman on TikTok is showing the amount of food and alcohol she says her Airbnb guests leave behind.

  • The user also shocked viewers with a designer bag she said a guest left behind in the Miami home.

  • Some commenters said the amount of food looked as if it would last weeks.

A TikToker who documents the wild amount of fresh produce, snacks, and drinks she says guests leave behind at her Airbnb is shocking viewers, some of whom have suggested it's enough groceries to last her weeks.

The user, @atouchofclass_miami, has garnered traction online for showcasing items that she says guests on Airbnb leave after their stays at her property in Miami. She started a popular video series titled "What my guests left behind in my Airbnb" in May and has been uploading regular updates ever since. As of Tuesday, she'd uploaded 44 videos on the series.

Among her most popular videos is one from July showing what guests left behind after a three-night stay in her apartment, which has over 25.1 million views and over 2 million likes. In the clip, the user shows how the guests left a nearly full carton of eggs, a pristine-looking deck of gold playing cards, pancake and waffle mix, slabs of butter, shredded cheese, and more.

The content creator and Airbnb did not respond to a request for comment.

While most of the items were opened, she's also shared plenty of videos where guests appear to have left large quantities of completely untouched snacks, fresh produce, alcohol, and soda.

In a TikTok shared on September 13, which has more than 2.7 million views, the host showed how guests who stayed just three days in her Airbnb left behind an array of unopened items, including Kirkland chocolates, 12-pack of Fanta cans, frozen french fries, party size chip packs, and a variety pack of mini Oreos, Ritz Bites, mini Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butter Bites.

"Only one thing getting thrown away this time," she captioned the clip, presumably referring to an unlabeled pack of what looked like frozen food.

The sheer amount of untouched food and drinks left commenters in shock, with some suggesting she had enough to sustain her for weeks.

"3 days but the food is enough for 3 weeks," one wrote.

And it's not just snacks. In July, the user said an Airbnb guest left behind a pink leather Marc Jacobs tote bag, which retails for between $325 and $595 depending on the size. The user said the guest left the bag as it was a gift from someone she was no longer friends with, so she "left it on purpose for somebody, for anybody else to just take it."

In another recent video, the user showed her haul of food another guest had left behind, including an organic salad mix, chopped vegetables, Brussels sprouts, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and ginger beer. In the caption, she wrote, "Fajitas tonight," hinting that she would be using some of the leftovers for her own dinner.

Responding to a user who asked if she ever has to grocery shop, the creator wrote: "Not much."

"I'm assuming you haven't had to buy eggs or butter in months," another commenter wrote, to which she responded: "That's true."

While the amount of food has certainly shaken up users on TikTok, Airbnb hosts have discussed the phenomenon in the past and have mixed opinions on their approach to keeping or discarding items their guests leave behind.

In 2019, a host on an Airbnb community center thread asked others what they do with food left behind by guests as they often discover "eggs, milk, open bottles of soda (2 liter), fruit and condiments" at theirs.

Some people wrote back saying they only keep sealed-as-originally-purchased items, while others simply said they resort to their "best judgment."

One host, however, wrote that they had "a very low bar for just about everything" and wouldn't be opposed to keeping things such as "good cheese with one slice cut off" and a "half bottle of booze in the freezer."

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