Uber customers are freaking out over a 'game-changing' ride-hailing hack: 'This actually works?'

Dillon Thompson
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If you’ve ever looked down at your phone and thought, “How much does Uber cost right now?” then this life hack is for you. 

Over the past few months, TikTok users have taken the internet by storm with a stream of money-saving hacks — including how to get “free” food at McDonald’s, how to get budget versions of trendy Starbucks drinks and how to save money when doing your laundry

This latest hack comes courtesy of a user named Savanah (@savannahamp). The TikToker shared her Uber-ordering tip in a viral video that has since racked up more than 800,000 views. Her simple tip? Scheduling an Uber ride ahead of time. 

“SCHEDULE YOUR UBERS so much cheaper!! You’re welcome,” Savannah captioned her clip. 

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In her video, the TikToker proceeds to start ordering an Uber without scheduling it. For her chosen ride, the estimated cost is more than $27 for an UberX (the app’s most basic option). 

However, she then schedules her ride, and the price seemingly plummets. Her new ride, scheduled just 10 minutes later, is listed at around $9 for an UberX. 

“Even 10 minutes takes off so much,” Savannah added in her caption.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Savannah’s results are just for one ride. Uber costs can differ widely based on location, time of day and how busy the drivers are, according to the company. Additionally, you can also use Uber’s website to estimate what a ride might cost in your area at a given time. 

Regardless, TikTok users were largely impressed by Savannah’s life hack. Some called it “game-changing” and “so useful.”

“This actually works?” one commenter wrote

“I have to remember this,” another added.

“Can’t wait to try this,” another wrote.

Others were more doubtful, though. Many commenters claimed that Uber drivers were “on to” the hack, and could cancel scheduled rides if they seemed too obvious. As a result, some expressed frustration that Savannah was giving the trick too much exposure. 

“STOP EXPOSING OUR SECRETS,” one user commented

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