Woman ‘suspicious’ of friend repeatedly ‘forgetting her wallet’ at dinners: ‘She is taking advantage of you’

A woman thinks her friend of 12 years has started taking advantage of her.

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her friend, Lisa, invited her to an expensive tapas place. After dinner, Lisa claimed she “forgot her wallet.” The Reddit poster paid for Lisa’s meal, and Lisa promised to pay her back.

Since the tapas incident, Lisa has pulled the same stunt several more times. Each time, Lisa promised to pay her back. Recently, they decided to return to the tapas place, this time with more friends. Lisa overheard the Reddit poster telling another friend Lisa hadn’t paid her back.

Lisa promised to pay for the Reddit poster’s meal that night. But before they entered the restaurant, it appeared that Lisa had forgotten her wallet again.

“I just saw your bag, I don’t think your wallet is in there and frankly, I’m not setting a foot inside this restaurant before you show us you brought it,” the Reddit poster told Lisa.

The pair got into a fight, and it turned out Lisa did forget her wallet again. What the Reddit poster can’t figure out is “how it’s possible this has never happened in 12 years of friendship but has now happened five times in six months.”

Redditors felt Lisa was up to something sinister.

“She is taking advantage of you and this isn’t acceptable,” a person wrote.

“Once is random, twice is suspicious, three times is a pattern,” a user said.

“She probably thought offering to pay would add credibility to the idea that ‘forgetting’ her wallet was an accident,” another added.

Ultimately, the poster shared in a comment that Lisa did send her the money over PayPal.

“I really don’t get it,” she continued. “She keeps saying she really didn’t do it on puprose and that she’s sorry.”

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