Woman taken aback by boss’s ‘awful’ request: ‘Be a team player’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman is refusing to work weekends after receiving a “slap in the face” of a salary raise.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her boss’s manager’s wife had a baby, causing the manager to take on extra responsibilities. When the duties trickled down to the Reddit poster, however, she refused.

“I received a 1.5% salary increase (a slap in the face), which will be effective in April, even though I’ve been labeled a star performer,” the Reddit poster explained. “My manager’s boss’ wife recently had a baby and because my manager wants to get promoted, she’s taken on a lot of his responsibilities. She has hired a new guy who has a higher title than me so I thought she’d ask him to work weekends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he wants to work more than he’s supposed to.”

Instead, the boss asked the Reddit poster to work weekends.

“I’ve been asked to work weekends in order to be a team player and be understanding because her boss recently had a baby,” the Reddit poster said. “She said that ‘it’ll get better.’ I’m not interested in doing my boss’s work or her boss’s work without getting compensated accordingly.”

Reddit users thought the manager was asking too much.

“Your boss sounds awful,” one person said.

“You are never obligated to take on more responsibilities without more pay or benefits,” someone commented.

“Men who refuse to work extra hours/weekends tend to be viewed by superiors as ‘in charge’ and women tend to ‘not be team players,'” another wrote.

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