Woman taken aback by co-worker’s ‘uncomfortable’ lunchtime behavior: ‘Take this to your manager’

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A woman is baffled by her coworker’s bizarre request to share her lunch. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to tell her story. After being a stay-at-home mom for three years, the woman was happy to return to work. But when she made her own lunch at the office, a coworker demanded she shares all her meals. 

“I’m a new hire at a great company that offers its staff access to a fully stocked kitchen,” the user explained. “We are allowed to cook and eat here as long as we are respectful of others. When I first started, I didn’t see anyone else using the kitchen and was a bit hesitant, but after a few days, I just went for it. I brought all my own ingredients from home and every day at 12 p.m. I would head to the kitchen to cook. A few minutes later a couple of coworkers walked in asking what the great smell was. I told them and they all loved the idea of eating more freshly cooked meals but admitted they couldn’t cook. I offered to help them as long as they provided everything themselves.”

The mother was happy to be making friends at work with her cooking skills. 

“A few days in, one particular coworker is asking to try some of the food I’ve made,” the woman wrote. “I tell her we can plan something tomorrow as I don’t feel comfortable sharing food with anyone (Covid-19 or not). She’s persistent and says she can’t afford the ingredients and it’s not fair that she’s being left out. Again, I tell her I’m sorry but I don’t share food with anyone. She keeps asking me to just make her some, it won’t cost me anything extra as I have leftovers every time I cook so obviously there’s enough to share with her. I have explained every day why I’m not comfortable and that I can’t afford to feed someone I’m not related to. She has constantly bad-mouthed me, insulted me and called me selfish for not sharing my food.” 

The woman stopped cooking at work and misses being able to convene lunch with friends. 

Reddit users thought the coworker was being unreasonable. 

“You need to take this to your manager or HR if she’s bad-mouthing you and making things uncomfortable,” someone commented

“This coworker is creating a hostile work environment,” another wrote

“Don’t let her dictate your life,” one user said

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