Woman tells boyfriend’s mom she doesn’t want to marry her son: ‘You don’t get to decide about that’

A 20-year-old is frustrated with her boyfriend’s mom pressuring them to get married.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She and her boyfriend plan to get married in the future and have been together for over two years. They live with her parents to save money for a house. They hope to get married after they are settled in together.

But her boyfriend’s mom insists that “it doesn’t look good” and it’s “embarrassing” that the couple lives together unwed. When the future in-law visited her family for dinner it was more of the same.

“So next year, they have to be married,” the boyfriend’s mother told the Reddit poster’s parents. But her parents deflected and insisted there wasn’t any rush. Her boyfriend didn’t stand up to his mother either.

A few weeks later the future in-law insisted again that they had to be married by next year.

“I don’t want to be married to your son yet,” the Reddit poster told her. “We have plans. House before marriage. We talked about it and everything is okay. If it doesn’t look good to you, then don’t look. You don’t get to decide about that, we do.”

But her boyfriend’s mother still isn’t letting the marriage go.

“Get married when you are ready. Don’t let her rush you,” a Redditor commented.

“Sounds like the only one not standing up to your BF’s mother is your BF,” another wrote.

“It’s your life and your relationship,” someone added.

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