A woman went viral for a wedding video the internet thought epitomized 'true love.' Years later, her traumatic divorce has convinced her it was all 'a lie.'

Screenshots of Robison's viral wedding video, as well as her revelation in hindsight that she felt the relationship was "fake."
In hindsight, Robison said her perfect-seeming relationship was all "a lie."
  • In 2021, Makenzie Robison went viral for a wedding video on TikTok that was seen over 8 million times.

  • She said she feels now that the relationship was "fake," and claimed her ex was producing "fake tears" in it.

  • Robison said she's learned to be more private and does not condone anyone harassing or attacking her ex.

A woman whose wedding video from 2021 went massively viral for her ex-wife's emotionally charged reaction to her walking down the aisle has returned to TikTok to tell the internet that, in hindsight, she felt the video and marriage was "fake."

Makenzie Robison's original TikTok wedding video, with 8.1 million views, shows her then-wife standing at an outdoor altar, doubled over crying and gasping for breath as Robinson walks down the aisle.

But in June, 28-year-old Robison went viral anew, saying it bothered her that commenters kept calling the video an exemplar of "true love" because she now feels the relationship was "a lie."

"It lasted seven months, and it was not love. It was fake," she said in a video with 5.5 million views. "Those were fake tears. It was a lie. She left me three months pregnant."

Robison told Insider this week both viral moments illuminate the misleading nature of social media. "This picture is painted at how perfect things are," she said. "It's not real and everybody believes this fairytale story."

That said, Robison is keeping the video up for a simple reason: money. ("That marriage traumatized me," she said in a July 24 video, "and the least that can come out of it is a few bucks off of TikTok.")

While she estimates she's only made $700 from the video to date, as a single mother of two, "a little side income does not hurt," she told Insider. Robison added she also hasn't taken down any videos of her ex because she likes preserving her life memories – good and bad.

Robison has learned to be more private and doesn't condone the attacks on her ex

Robison, a school bus driver and part-time influencer who started blowing up on TikTok at the height of COVID and after coming out as a lesbian, first shared with viewers the details of her relationship's demise in a June TikTok with 2.5 million views.

She told Insider that four months of being married, the couple decided to have a baby with a sperm donor. But soon after Robison got pregnant, she became sick with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a term for severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, which caused her to be in and out of the hospital – which impacted the relationship.

"I think she got to the point where she needed the attention that I couldn't give her," Robison said.

During an argument one day, Robison said her ex left for work and never came home. After getting together a few more times, she said she received a text from her ex saying she was talking to somebody else. The next day, she recounted on TikTok, she filed for divorce.

When reached for comment, Robison's ex told Insider, "Respectfully, we have both agreed a month ago to not discuss each other moving forward. She has her side and I have mine."

The turbulent relationship, alongside going mega-viral, has taught Robison to keep her private life off the internet, including her current relationship. At the same time, she doesn't condone the negative comments that have been flooding her videos denigrating her ex, including comments about her looks.

"Watching this after seeing your video... she deserves a Grammy," one commenter wrote under the original wedding video. "Are there even tears?!" another added. "I'm commenting so the bride gets paid."

"There was a lot that I think she should have done different – but I mean myself, too," Robison said. "But nobody deserves to get attacked."

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