WorkJam Unveils Trio of New Products to Strengthen Frontline Workplace Technology

At the NRF Big Show this week, WorkJam announced the rollout of three new products that are embedded into the company’s platform, “making the WorkJam super app more robust and cementing the company’s leadership in frontline workplace technology,” the company said in a statement.

The products include Site Coach, a digital dashboard for frontline employees. The second is Analytics Insights Reports, which the company said builds on its core reporting capabilities. And the third is Extensive Audit Capabilities, which is designed to “supercharge task management,” WorkJam said.

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Steven Kramer, chief executive officer of WorkJam, said with these new product launches, “we’re enhancing our offering for our enterprise customers and embedding all the solutions they need into our single super app. These new products will help businesses prepare for the increasingly complex compliance landscape they’ll face this year and tap real-time analytics insights that help them operate more effectively and empower their teams.”

Kramer said by taking a multipronged approach to enhance visibility, “reporting and analytics and clearly delineating task and audit functions, WorkJam is helping businesses scale operationally in ways legacy and other point solutions simply cannot.”

The Site Coach module offers retailers “a kiosk experience for location-level information, tasks and scheduling to drive operational excellence and better customer experiences,” the company said, adding that frontline staff working in a particular location “can use the module’s dashboard to view task lists, resources and schedules, clock in and out and more.” In addition, Site Coach can operate as a stand-alone module “or in tandem with other modules in WorkJam’s app, allowing employees to view information on the Site Coach dashboard and then execute tasks via the mobile app or shared devices at their work location.”

Analytics Insights Reports is designed to offer more robust, real-time analytics and operational insights “that empower administrators and frontline managers with the data visualizations they need to better understand their workflows and how the business, as well as their location and team, are performing relative to defined business goals,” WorkJam said.

With Extensive Audit Capabilities WorkJam now offers users an enhanced intelligent auditing power “to help enterprises maintain safe, efficient workplaces and compliant operations for optimized customer experiences,” the company said, adding that this new product “supports operational efficiencies that allow time-strapped district and field managers to focus on performance and results.”

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