World Cup - Alves: 2014 win at Maracana would be career high

EXCLUSIVE: Dani Alves tells Eurosport how much of an honour it was to win the Confederations Cup at the Maracana.

World Cup - Alves: 2014 win at Maracana would be career high

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Dani Alves on Eurosport show Brazilmania

With just months until Brazil stage the 2014 World Cup, the host nation's decorated right-back told Eurosport how much the honour means to an entire nation.

Brazil held the Confederations Cup this year - traditionally a stage rehearsal a year before the big tournament - and defeated reigning World and European champions Spain in emphatic fashion in front of their own at the Maracana.

Alves told Eurosport's 'Brazilmania' show just how much it meant to the entire team to give both their supporters and those Brazilians protesting the events such a moment - and that they plan on doing so again next summer for an unprecedented sixth world crown.

“It is a dream to play a World Cup and a Confederations Cup in front of our supporters, our families and the people who really appreciates you", Alves said exclusively. "It has no price!

"When the Brazil national team enters the pitch, people forget about everything. They love the Seleçao, they have an amazing relation with the Seleçao, and they are able to put aside their problems for a while.

"Having the possibility to bring that joy to the public, especially with all the problems during the Confederations Cup, it was wonderful!

“It helped us to show we are candidates to the victory in the World Cup. Because it seems that people had forgotten about Brazil national team.

"A national team that has five World Cup titles will always have a chance. But we mustn’t think everything is done now."

To hear more from Alves on the Confederations Cup, the World Cup, representing Brazil and having fellow Brazilian Neymar join him at La Liga side Barcelona, be sure to watch Brazilmania on Eurosport when it airs on Wednesday September 11 at 11:15 BST (12:15 CET).

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