World Cup - Del Bosque: Living in the past will kill us in Brazil

Vicente Del Bosque has warned Spain against relying on the success of World Cup 2010 in this year’s tournament.

World Cup - Del Bosque: Living in the past will kill us in Brazil

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Vincente del Bosque

La Roja meet the Netherlands tonight in a repeat of the 2010 final and Del Bosque has spoken at a Press conference prior to the contest.

AS reports that Del Bosque was questioned by reporters on a number of subjects, from the tactics Spain will use against the Dutch to the future of a number of his players.

“The Netherlands in the last four years have changed dramatically. Proportionally, it’s 17 and six,” Del Bosque said.

“We have had a stable team since 2010.

“They are led by a great Coach and I rate him highly. They retain a lot of the essence of Dutch football and the people in attack contrast and are very dangerous.

“[In 2010] there were three or four studs-up challenges but we can’t label the Netherlands for what this means for football, but the world.

“A team with a great school of playing has made the World Cup. And we’re in a team sport.

“Our players are excited to play in the World Cup and we have the experience. It is a pleasure to remember the past but essential not to stay in it.”

It’s expected that the Dutch will line-up with a back five, while Spain will field Diego Costa, with Del Bosque declining to confirm anything.

“We haven’t given the team and neither will we. There’s no fooling for secrecy but we want all 23 ready for the start. We will play the team we think is best,” he continued.

“I’m worried about Jordi Alba’s toothache. The boy has something wrong with his tooth.

“[Five Dutch defenders?] You’re the analysts. It’s not just playing a man more, that’s not what they’ll do. They have been successful either way they play.”

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