World Cup - FIFA reject Brazil's Thiago Silva appeal

Brazil will be without Thiago Silva for the World Cup semi-final against Germany after FIFA upheld the yellow card he received in the quarter-final.

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World Cup - FIFA reject Brazil's Thiago Silva appeal

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Brazil have appealed the yellow card issued to Thiago Silva against Colombua

Thiago picked up the caution against Colombia, imposed after he blocked goalkeeper David Ospina taking a kick, and as it was his second of the tournament he was automatically suspended.

The booking seemed soft in the context which saw a number of vigorous challenges punished with only a free kick, but FIFA's disciplinary committee stood by the decision of the referee.

"The chairman came to the conclusion that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee cannot consider the matter given the fact that there is no legal basis entitling it to grant such request," FIFA said in a statement.

The statement also confirmed that no further action will be taken against Colombia's Juan Camilo Zuniga, whose challenge on Neymar left the Brazil striker with a broken back and ruled him out of the rest of the tournament.


Had FIFA overturned the yellow card it would have been hugely controversial and would have allowed other teams to claim that the governing body is favouring the hosts.

All existing yellow cards are now wiped from the slate for the players from this stage of the tournament, however, meaning anyone who is booked in a semi-final will not risk suspension for the final unless they are sent off.

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