World Cup - Lineker: Something's not right with Messi

Former England striker Gary Lineker thinks Lionel Messi looks "exhausted", and has expressed disappointment at his World Cup performances.

World Cup - Lineker: Something's not right with Messi

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Gary Lineker says he thinks Lionel Messi looks jaded (Reuters)

“I love Messi and he is the most wonderfully gifted player I have seen since Maradona,” Lineker said.

“But I have been marginally disappointed. There is something not right. He has become very static. I went to the semi-final [against Holland] in Sao Paulo and watched him closely and there is so little movement now.

“I saw a quote from his father saying that he’s exhausted and his legs weigh 100kg and it looks a bit like that.”

Lineker continued: “He has done magical things at this World Cup and he is largely responsible for them being in the final but he looks jaded to me," adding, "Tiredness has caught up with him."

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