World Cup - Mourinho's melancholy at the stars who won't shine in Brazil

Jose Mourinho has spoken to Yahoo! of his sorrow at the fact that some of the finest players in world football will miss out on playing at the World Cup this summer.

World Cup - Mourinho's melancholy at the stars who won't shine in Brazil

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"In every World Cup there are a few big players that everyone would like to see there, and for different reasons they aren't there," Mourinho said.

Injuries, failure to qualify, or not being selected for their teams were the reasons that Mourinho picked out

"Zlatan? Everybody would love to see him there," Mourinho added.

"But Sweden couldn't make it.

"Gareth Bale is another fantastic player that I think everybody would enjoy seeing there, but Wales also couldn't qualify.

"There are others. I have in my team the best goalkeeper in the world [in Petr Cech], and he's not at the World Cup."

Mourinho also added that would be sad not to see John Terry there in an England shirt given that he has retired from international duty, saying, "Terry is different - it's a personal decision for him not to be there."

But despite his melancholy, the Portuguese boss added that the absence of some of the brightest stars would not diminish the tournament in any way.

"The World Cup is always the World Cup. And yes, we will miss some of the players, but I think the magic of the World Cup is not about individual players, it's about the world being involved in a social way. I don't think it's a problem."

Mourinho also predicted the four semi-finalists

"It's a difficult question considering it hasn't even started yet," he laughed.

"It depends on a lot of factors. You never know how the teams are going to cross each other, so you can end up predicting a semi-final that could never happen.

"But in a general way I would say two South American teams and two European teams. I would love to see an African team there, or even one from Asia, but for them I would say the limit is a quarter-final, not a semi.

"So for me, for the semi-finals? Two South Americans and two Europeans. That's what I can predict at the moment."

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