World Cup: View from Poland: 'The world is laughing at us'

Eurosport Poland wraps up the reaction from its nation's media on what is already being dubbed as 'a night of shame' for the country.

World Cup: View from Poland: 'The world is laughing at us'

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What happened on Tuesday night will go down as one of the most famous nights in Polish football history – but it was far from a golden moment.

The World Cup qualifier against England did not take place because they refused to close the National Stadium's roof allowing the pitch to get flooded by heavy rain.

The media did not go easy on the organisers – scan the Polish papers and the same words keep coming up: 'scandal', 'shame', 'embarrassment'.

Here is what they said:


Przegląd Sportowy: The world is laughing at us

Rather than dream of a miracle at the National Stadium we were instead faced with great shame. All we can hope for now is a win against England today to help us forget all about this embarrassment.


Gazeta Wyborcza: The national scandal of our new national pool

We will not get our wish to play England on the water. The match with England did not take place as all day yesterday the rain flooded into the national stadium. The only good omen is the match is now moved to Wednesday which is the 39th anniversary of the famous England v Poland match at Wembley.


Sport: A football embarrassment

The atmosphere was already hot inside the National Stadium when somebody finally realised that the rain had turned the pitch into a swimming pool. A FIFA observer went to investigate and when the referee tried to bounce the ball on the pitch but it would not rebound and instead only created a water fountain. Committees gathered and delayed calling off the game but the rain did not stop. One of the reasons the game was called off was undoubtedly because the roof was not closed but the poor drainage on the pitch also has to be blamed. Oh what a football embarrassment, although not everyone was laughing yesterday.


Polska: What a blunder

We were expecting a great match with England at the National Stadium but instead we got a big scandal instead. Heavy rain turned the pitch into a puddle and the game could not be played.


Fakt: A big white elephant

We are the laughing stock of all of Europe and seem to have built a white elephant that cost £400million. All this embarrassment could have been avoided if organisers had decided to close the roof at the National Stadium.

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