WRC - Door a factor in Sordo crash

A half-open door was potentially a factor in the accident that cost Dani Sordo his chance of Rally Argentina victory.

WRC - Door a factor in Sordo crash

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Spanish driver Daniel Sordo (C) talks to his crew at the service park area during the 1st day of the WRC Argentina 2013 near Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina on May 1, 2013 (AFP)

The Spanish driver rolled his Citroen DS3 WRC on the second stage of Thursday morning, dropping almost seven and a half minutes.

Sordo had already rolled Citroen's demonstration DS3 WRC at a promotional event in Buenos Aires last weekend.

His co-driver Carlos del Barrio had been distracted by a half-open door on the Ascochinga stage. He tried to close it properly in a fast section before a hairpin, then miscalled a pace note shortly afterwards.

Sordo said he was not angry at del Barrio over the error.

"Carlos told me the wrong note. He told me it was a flat corner, but that was not this corner," Sordo told AUTOSPORT.

"The car went over and stopped on its roof.

"Sometimes I make a mistake, sometimes a co-driver can make a mistake - everybody is human. It's early in the rally, what can I do?"

Sordo is running 15th after the crash, losing much of the time with broken power steering as a result of the roll.

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