WTCC - Drivers autograph windscreen for charity

During an autograph session in Porto, Wichers-Sport team manager Dominik Greiner asked all drivers to sign the rear windscreen of Fredy Barth’s BMW car.

WTCC - Drivers autograph windscreen for charity

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WTCC drivers autograph windscreen for charity

The polycarbonate screen was provided by Plastic4Performance – Automotive Windows and Accessories, a UK-based company that supplies several WTCC teams, and was later auctioned off on eBay.

Proceeds will be donated by Plastic4Performance to Kika, a charity founded in 2002 that does research toward children’s cancer trying to increase the chances of full recovery, make the cure more bearable for children and battle side effects.

The auction will expire on July 13, at 14:18 BST.

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