WTCC - Engstler honoured

Franz Engstler has been honoured with a special trophy from the Salzburgring in recognition of his 25 years of racing at the Austrian track.

WTCC - Engstler honoured

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Engstler raced here for the first time in 1988, when he took part in a round of the German Formula 3 Championship as team-mate of a certain Michael Schumacher.

The trophy was presented to Engstler by the manager of the Salzburgring, Alexander Reiner.

Engstler said: “For me it’s always a pleasure to compete here at the Salzburgring. And so now it’s 25 years I’ve competed here.

"I had a really special team-mate in Michael – you could see his potential, even then in F3, and although we had some hard fights we also had a lot of fun.

"I’ve always enjoyed this job and there aren’t many people who can say that they love their work so much. I’ve had some great people alongside me over the last 25 years and I’d like to thank everyone that’s worked with me."

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